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    Click on flower to download

    Thank you Mina for the woman tube

    and Sonia for landscape tube

    Thank you for the unknown author of the mask



    Graphics Plus - Cross Shadow

    Flaming Pear - Flexify 2


    Use this arrow to help you to follow tutorial


    Put your material in respectives files

    Here inclosed in material " 1 gradient" Mqc recess take care of it

    and put it in your gradients files
    1. Prépare your gradient of two choosen colors

    with your msq recess choosen

    to choose it, click on little arrow on right when you open to make your gradient near the color, you 'll see all get open and choose it


     2. Open a transparent layer of 800 x 600 pixels
    and fill it up with your gradient
    3. Open landscape tube  and paste it on your work
    Merged all visibles layers

    5. Adjust , blur, radial blur

    6. Duplicate layer
    Close this layer and activate the one under
    7. Layer, new layer of mask from image

    Select  "image 15",

    Merge group

    8. Effects>distorsion effects> polar coordinates
    and choose polar to rectangular

    9. Image>flip
    10. Effects>Plugins>Flaming Pear - Flexify 2.

    11. With selection tool, mode scale

    put up and down the draw in layer to borders

    12. Close this layer now and open the one you closed before
    13. New layer of mask from image

     "Image 15" again but this time

    checked inverse .

    Merge group

    14. Effects> distorsion effetcts> polar coordinates same configurations

    still in mémory

    15. Image flip

    16. Effects>Plugins>Flaming Pear - Flexify 2, same as before

    17. Do the same as in point 11 with selection tool.

    18. Effects>Effects3D> Inner bevel

    19. Effects>Effects3D>Drop shadow


    3 h/3 v/ opacity at 100 blur at 0 black color
    20. Open closed layer
    Merge visible layers
    21. Effetti>Plugins>Graphics Plus - Cross Shadow - 2 times

    like this

    22. new layer put your background color

    and move layer at the bottom

    to help you to fill it properly close the 2 layers , fill up and close again

    23. Activate  superior layer
    Change blend mode of layer for Luminance L
    25. Effects>Reflexion effects>rotatif mirror

    26. Activate again the tube of landacape

    copy and paste to your work.
    27. Image>Resize, al 90%, all layers not checked
    28. Effects> Image Effects > offset
    40 H / - 80  v personnal transpa

    29. Selection>Charge selection from disk.

    30. Press 3 times on cancel bottom of your computor

    delete or suppress

    31. Open tube of the woman copy ans paste to your work
    Put like model

    32. Effects>Effetti 3D>Drop shadow

    33. sign your work
    Merge all layers

    34. Image>Add a border of 2 pixels black colors
    Image>Add 2 pixels, your clear color
    Image>Add 2 pixels, black color
    Image>Add a  30 pixels border, white color
    Image>Add a  2 pixels border,  black color
    Image> 2 pixels,  your clear color
    Image> 2 pixels,  black colore

    35. Activate magic wand
      and select the white border.

    Fill it with your gradient.
    36. Effect>Plugins>Graphics Plus - Cross Shadow,

    like before, still in Memory
    37. Sign your création and register as jpg

    I thank you for having followed my tutorial

    and i hope you enjoy it