Je remercie particulièrement les tubeuses:

    burgandy rainy-byQuerida-BCS.

    Masque: Xenomorph




    Alien Skin/Eyes Candy Impact/Glass

    -AAAFrame/Texture Frame-

    AAA Frame/Foto Frame


    Choose and place your two colors, here :

    Foreground clear color : #bec7c1

    Background dark color: #808080

    1/Open, a new layer 950/650 /and paint it with your foreground, clear color

    Add new layer, and filled with dark color

    2/Open your mask-xenomorph/Copy and make Image effects, seamless tiling défault

    3/On the dark layer, add new layer of mask from image

    take  masque-xenomorph/ Suppress layer/say yes to supress

    Merge all


    4/Put Down opacitu to  65 %/ Edge effects, enhance

    5/Merged all layers

    Add border of 2 px dark color


    6/Transforme bakground as raster/  Dupliquate layer


    7/ Resize image à 90% , all layers not seleected

    8/Effets 3 D drop shadow


     again with négatives values



    9/Duplicate/Image effets, seamless tiling, défault


    Do again seamless tiling/ select side by side /Mode down layer


    10/Drop shadow


    11/Edge, Effects, enhance

    12/Copy and paste scrap bcs metallic doodle/

    Resize to 70%/place it in tne bottom at right/duplicate


    Image filp horizontal, image flip vertical

    13/Merge down/ Put ’pacity à 80

    14/Drop shadow


    15/ xero porcelain XL




    16/Open tube, art design burgandy rainy/Resize at 30%/ all layers not selected

    17/Copy and paste as new layer/ place it on left bottom

    Duplicate/Image Mirror/Image flip vertical


    18/Merge with layer down

    19/Drop shadow like at point N°14

    20/Note les 2 Paramèters of you tint and  Saturation of your background color


    21/Règlage teinte et Saturation/Colorisé

    22/Baisser l’opacité a 80%

    23/Open  tube  by Querida/ Copy and paste as new layer

    24/Effects, image effects, seamless tiling /side by side

    Opacity at 55



    25/Take the same tube/Copy and paste as new layer

    Don't move it, it's at the right place

    26/Drop shadow like at point N° 14

    27/Close all layers/go to the second layer from bottom/Copy Raster 1/Take Sélection tool: rectangle :




    28/Put white color in background/Layer/New layer/

    Take painting pot tool, opacity to 20

    Filled up selections with white colors

    29/Effet Alien Skin/Eyes Candy Impact/Glass :

    30/Deselect all

    31/Open tube Etoile/Copy and paste as new layer

    place it on top, at right  in your square


    Duplicate/push it to left/Dupliqucate, and put it down at bottom

    duplicate and push it to your left



    32/Merge Down  3x to bottom/Drop shadow like at point N° : 14

    33/On the tube of the lady, erase the line/for it, activate the 2 rasters of the lady

    The one of the seamless tiling and the one in the center/Take the gum and erase





    35/Image/Add borders 2 of dark color

    36/Image/Add borders of 2 clear color

    37/Image/Add borders 2 dark color

    38/Image/Add one border of 25 contrastante color

    39/Make a linear gradient :


    40/Transforme background to raster

    Take magic wand/Sélect this border

    Transforme sélection to layer/ fill ip with gradient

    Dont forget to put your opacity of pot to 100%

    41/Sélection inverse/Drop shadow :



     make it again in négatif

    42/Sélection inverse/Effet AAAFrame/Texture Frame


    43/Effet AAA Frame/Foto Frame :




    Désélect all

    Your borders can be darker or lighter dépends of your colors

    Export en JPG

    Thank you for having done my tutorial,

    I hope you enjoy it