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    this tutorial is property of Feline C31
    This translation is property of Evanescence




    Thanks to  Guismo / Krys Design / Florjus/ KTS
    for tubes



    Toadies/ Blast’s em !



    Open a transparent layer of  900/600 px


    1-Open  fond  Paper Ogangel


    2- Selection, select all


    3-Copy and paste tube in selection


    4-selection none


    5-selection tool


    Selection perso 2

     personal selection


    Selection personnalisee


    6-layer new layer


    7-Effet /3D /  cut


    3d decoupe positif


    8-layer new layer


    9-Effect 3D cut /  10 in negatives values


    3d decoupe negatif


    10-Merge down


    11-Sélection/  Modify , select borders of selection


    Selection bordure 3


    12-layer new layer 3


    13-open gold texture


    14-fill selection with texture

    15-Effect / inner bewel




    Biseautage 4


    16-Merge down


    17-selection none


    18-Open  tube fond déco de Krys  (take of watermark)


    19-paste as new layer


    20-put in center of frame


    21-adjust, sharpness, sharpness


    22-Open  déco neige


    23-paste as new layer


    25-selection tool Outile selection

    Position /  -54/458

    Positon 54 458


    26-Open  tube  oiseau Florjus


    27-paste as new layer


    28-Resize at 55%


    29- selection tool  Outile selection

    Position  / 59/268

    Position 59 268


    30-drop shadow  /  -2/2/50/35  black color


    Ombre 2 2 50 35


    31-Open  tube Guismo  branche


    32-Resize at  30%



    33- selection tool Outile selection

    -Position  / -10/-4

    Position 10 4


    34-drop shadow  5/5/50/20  black



    35-Open  tube Kerstzak0


    36-paste as new layer


    37-selection tool  Outile selection

    position/ 225/422

    Position 225 422


    38-drop shadow -2/-2/50/20 black


    39-Ouvrir le tube decoboule05


    40-paste as new layer


    41-Redimensionner à 50 %


    42- selection tool  Outile selection

    Position   631/0

    Position 631 0


    43-adjust, sharpness, sharpness


    44-drop shadow /   2/-2/50/35 black


    Ombre 2 2 50 35


    45-Open  tube Winter Cuddle (42)


    46-paste as new layer


    47-Redimensionner à 50%


    48- selection tool Outile selection

    Positon 593/389

    Position 593 389


    49-drop shadow, in memory


    50-Open  tube Ecureuil hiver



    51-paste as new layer


    52-Resize at 80%


    53-Place on the woods tube, see model


    54-drop shadow in memory


    55-Open  tube  Elément _LEdh


    56-go on raster 3 (4e raster from bottom)


    57-paste as new layer


    58-Resize at 80%


    59-selection tool Outile selection

    Position 262/322

    Positoon 262 322


    60-Open tube texte Joyeuses Fêtes de KTS


    61-go on top of pile


    62-paste as a new layer


    63-Resize at 60%


    64-Place it like model


    65- colorise in your colors




    66-Open  tube déco 1


    67-paste as new layer, don't move it


    68-Add a border of 2 white color


    69-Add a border of  2 color  #432f1f


    70-Sélect all


    71-Add a border of 2 white color


    72-inverse selection


    73-put gold pattern into selection

    74-selection none


    75-Select all


    76-Add a border of 35 white


    77-inverse selection


    78-paste  fond  Papier Ogangel in selection


    79-adjust, blur gaussian blur at 10


    80-Filter Toadies / Blast’s em !

    Blast s em 


    81-selection none


    82-Add a border of 2  white


    83- add one border of  1 color #432f1f




    Resize at  900 pixels width


    Etoile 20