TuTorial Franie


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    TuTorial Franie

    Un tube  of woman or other
    ( Here,Karine Dreams et Grisi ) that I thanks
    1 décoratif tube, flower or other
    (ici,Thafs e Maxyran) that I thank



    Colors used in this  tutorial
    Foreground #56493f dark color
      Background #d0c1a9 light color



    VM Experimental
    Carolaine & Sensibility
    Geometric Effects
    Eye Candy 5, Impact


    Tutoriel Franie

    Help yourself with this arrow to follow this Tut

    Tutoriel Franie


    1.- Prepare  rectangular gradient

    Foreground dark color - Background light color

    2.- Open a clear layer 900x600px, fill up with gradient


    3.- Filter VMDistortion, Radiator II,  défault


    4.- Filter Mehdi, Weaver, Size 350


    5.- Layer duplicate

    FilterVM Experimental Guess What



    6.- Filter Transparency, Eliminate Black


    7.- Change the blend mode for " screen"


    8.- Filter  Carolaine & Sensibility, cs_texture, défault


    9.- Effects,  Image effects, seamless tiling


    corner, Horizontal, Transition to 100


    10.- Filter Simple, Pizza Slice Mirror


    11.- Filtre, FM tile Tools, Blend Emboss, défault


    12.- On same layer - Sélection, Charge sélection form disk franie_mj


    13.- Sélection, Promote selection to layer


    14.-  Plugin AAA Frames, Foto Frame


    Drop shadow 0, 0, 50, 20, black color


    15.- Sélection, Modify, contract to 10 

    Répeat drop shadow


    16.- Copy your tube, here, Karina Dreams pretty face

    and paste it as new layer

    ajust it to center and resize it , if you need



    17.-  Inverse selection- click on  suppress button ( delete ) -

     Inverse selection again

    Duplicate layer

     Adjust , blur,  radial blur

    Twirl ,  elliptical , as on capture

    Filter Carolaine & Sensibility, CS_LDots,  défault

    Adjust sharpness, more sharpness

    Layer move down

    Layer - Activate  supérior layer- Merge down

     layer move down- Activate  supérior layer- Merge down

    Deselecte all

    - Drop shadow 0, 0, 50, 20, black color


    18.- Close visibility layer of tube

    and merge all others layers


    19.- Duplicate layer - Effects -   géométric effects

    Perspective Vertical (-50) Transparent


    20.-  Take selection tool , the arrow or click on letter K

    install l script- preset_majo _1

     (  which is in matérial )

    if you dont kow  I explain

      You can install it in your default parameters of your psp click on arrow then of selection tool give it a name ans click on name it will open it directly

      and  deselect  by click on  M


    21.- Effects, Drop shadow 0, 0, 50, 20, black color


    22.- Give visibility to your tube

      Frame it well



    23.- Plugin Eye Candy 5, Impact, Perspective Shadow - Preset shadow_mariajose


    24.- Merge all visible - Add new layer

      Fill it up with you light color- Opacity to 80%


    25.- Add a new mask layer from image - mask_franie -

    Merge group


    26.- Edge Effects,  accentuate, or accentuate more

    depends on your colors


    27.- Effects, Drop shadow 5, 5, 50, 5, black color

    28.- Put blend mode of layer in " sreen mode" -

    adjust opacity according the choosen colors


    29.- Copy and paste décorativ tube, ici

    Maxyran 05 11 deco ( vase ) like on model

    - Repeat Eye Candy 5 - Perspective Shadow

    (if needed adjust height of your shadow)


    30.- Copy and paste as new layer - deco_franie_mj

    Effects, image effects, offset


    31.- Image , add a border of 1px your dark color


    32.- Image , add a border of3px your light claire


    33.- Image , add a border of 1px your dark color


    34.- Sélection - Select all - Édit copy


    35.- Image , ajust a border of 40px white color


    36.-  Inverse selection - paste into it your copied image


    37.- Filter, Simple, Pizza Slice Mirror


    38.- Effects, Réflexion Effects - Rotating Mirror


    39.- Inverse selection - Drop shadow 0, 0, 60, 30, black color


    40.- Deselect all - Copy and paste the text tube  franie

     colorize in your colors

    41.- Resize your image to  900px width largeur -

    Sign  et register your creation in JPG


    Tutoriel Franie


    I hope you liked this tutorial

    and I thank you to have done it

    Maria José


    Tutoriel Franie


    Ma version

    Tube femme de Mica

    Tube fleur de Karina Dreams

    que je remercie


    Tutoriel Franie