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    Thank you for Bienêtre for the woman tube


    Guismo pour automn deco tube


    and Tony Toob for tube deco leave



    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact
    Filters Unlimited
    FM Tile Tools--Blend Emboss



    Colors of this tutorial


    Palette couleur tuto1


    Open one clear raster 900/600 pixels

    Select all

    Open background from material kTs_Rainbow5


    Paste it into selection


    Ne rien sélectionner



    adjust blur, gaussian blur put at  20




    Flou gaussien 2




     Plugin, effect Unlimited  papier texture canvas fine


    Canvas fine



    Open tube  tube Autumn Mist~Joni T00b


    paste as new layer


    Effect seamless tiling

    corner, bilatéral/linear


    Mosaique jointure




    Put blend of layer in  mode overlay, opacity at  70




    Effect /Fm tile tools / Blend Emboss   défaut values


    Blend emboss




    Add new layer



    Fill it with color 1



    Open mask  @nn_020414_mask_355_tdstudio


    Layer /new layer of mask from image

    like this




    Merge groupe



    Effect drop shadow color  #fcc5a0


    Ombre portee 1 masque



    Do shadow again with color 1


    Ombre portee bordure cadre




    New layer , will be raster 4




     sélection Tool Outile selection




     click on personnal sélection    Outil selection personnalisee


    put this values


    Selection personnalisee cadre




    Sélection/ modufy borders of selection

    both side, antialias, put at 5


    Selection bordure 5




    Fill this border with color 1


    Asjust / add noise  Aléatoire monochrome at 20


    Ajouter bruit aleatoire




    Effect / 3D/ Inner bewel

    values like this


    Biseautage bordure cadre




    Déselect all


    Effect drop shadow  2/2/40/20   black color


    Merge down with groupe raster 3 (mask)


    Layer, new layer


    Prepare a linear gradient color 1  (Foreground)


    Couleur 2 (background)


    Degrader 35 5




     sélection Tool Outile selection  / personnal selection  Outil selection personnalisee

    this values


    Selection personnalisee cadre 1




    Fill the selection with gradient


    Adjust / Blur/  Gaussien Blur at 30


    Effect Unlimited papier texture / Cotton paper Fine 82/96


    Cotton paper fine




    deselect all


    move down this layer under groupe raster 3 ( mask)


    Stay on this mask


    Open  tube calguismiststillife71010


    Paste a new layer raster 4


    Resize at  50%


     sélection Tool Outile selection


    Position horiz 118 / vert 136


    Position tube guismo


    Adjust sharpness, sharpness




    Go on top the pile of all layers


    Open tube déco 1 automne


    paste as new layer  ( Raster5 )


    sélection Tool Outile selection




     Position deco1


    Drop shadow  5/5/50/20  color black




    Ombre portee deco 1 la bonne




    Open tube text  Automne


    paste as new  layer (raster 6)


     sélection Tool Outile selection


    Position  Horiz 154/ vert 450


    Position texte 2




    Drop shadow 1/1/60/1 black color


    Open tube from Bienêtre ( the lady) or yours ,take of the signature


    (optional with your tube)


    paste as new layer ( raster7)


    Resize at 102%


     sélection Tool Outile selection


    Position Horiz 388/  Vert - 46


    Position femme 2




    Eye candy 5 Impact  Perspective shadow

    preset in materiel or values here if it does nt work




    Parametre perspective shadow



    Your layers are like this at this time



    Calque 2




    Add one border of  1 color 1


    Add one border of 2 color 2


    Add one border of 25 color 1


    Sélect this border


    Put the gradient you did linear  35 / 5

    and fill this border


    Effect texture blinds width 6  Opacity 50 color 1


    Textture store




    Effect, edge border, accentuate


     Inverse Sélection

     Drop shadow 0/0/80/50 black color

    Finish with a border of 1 color 1




    Sign your work and resize at 900 px


    Thank you for having made my tutorial

    hope you enjoy it





    Bonne creation




    My version


    Lady Tube personnal

    Flower tube found on the net