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    Eye Candy Impact / Glass   ( WIith preset )



    Aidez vous de cette flèche pour suivre le tutoriel


    Colors of this tutorial

    Palette capture the moment





    1-Open a new tranparent layer of 900/600


    2-Fill with sunburst gradient

    Color 1  light foreground

    color 2 background


    Degrader 1


    3-add new layer raster 2


    4-Fill with white color


    5-Oopen mask 0_82b70


    6-reduce it


    7-New layer of mask from image


    Masque 0 82b70


    8-Merge group


    9-Merge down ( raster1)


    10- sélection tool

    Personnal selection, K letter

      Selection perso 2

     letter M for deselect selection


    Selection bon 1


    11-Transform selection as layer


    12-layer new layer   raster 2


    13-Fill with sunburst gradient like in point  2


    14-Selection contract of  10

    Contracter de 10


    15-Delete ( suppress)


    16-Merge down with transform selection


    17-Sélection / modify/ contract of  15


    18-Effect Art media /brush stroke

    Art mediacoup pinceau


    19-Effect Eye candy impact /  Glass/ preset  glass c

    (Paramèter if preset doesnot work)


    Parametre glass


    20-drop shadow 3/3/50/10 black color


    21-Drop shadow again  in negative -3/-3/50/10 black color



    22-Effect réflexion / feedback


    Resonnance bon


    23-Personnal selection Selection perso 2 

    M to deselect


    Selection perso 8



    24-Delete ( suppress)




    25- sélection tool Outile selection  (  M to deselect)

    Position  34/375

    Position cadre resonnance1


    26- duplicate layer


    27-Image  mirror


    28-Merge down


    29- Calque dupliqué


    30- Image flip


    31-drop shadow  5/5/40/20  black color


    Ombre 5 5 40 20


    32-go to the bottom raster


    33-Effect simple /Diamond


    34-Layer duplicate ( copy of raster 1)


    35-Image mirror


    36- Opacity at  40


    37-go on top layer


    38-layer new layer raster   2

    39-Selection/ charge from disk , selection Capture the moment


    Selection disque


    40-Open tube fleur 191-flower-LB



    41-Copy and paste it into selection


    42-adjust /  gaussian blur at 40


    43-Effect texture / texture/ fur





    44-Layer new layer of Raster 3


    45-Put your sunburst gradient


    46-Szlection/ Modify contract of 25


    47-Delete (suppress)


    48-Selection/ Modify / Contract of 30


    49-Fill with same gradient


    50-Selection /Modify/Contract of 25


    51-Delete (suppress)



    52-Effect texture / weaver


    Texture textile


    53-drop shadow  0/0/40 /20 black color


    Ombre portee losange


    54-Copy  tube LB  as new layer  (Raster4)


    55-Image/ resize at 60 %


    56- sélection tool Outile selection touch M to deselect

    Position  223/27

    Position cadre fleur


    57-Erase around the flower


    Effacer gomme


    58- move down under  raster 3


    59-drop shadow  0/0/40/20 black color


    60-go to copy of raster  1


    61-Open  tube deco  1


    62-Copy as new layer (Raster 5)

     sélection tool  Outile selection

    Position   -10/-1

    Bonne position deci 1

    63-duplicate layer


    64-Image mirror


    65-Merge down


    66-blend mode on overlay  opacity at 100


    Recouvrement op 100


    67-layer new layer ( raster 6 )

     sélection tool Outile selection

     Personnal selection  Selection perso 2

    Selection perso 7


    68-put white color un selection


    69-Sélection / modify/contract of 2


    70- Delete (Suppress)




    72-Effect drop shadow  5/5/60/10 black


    73-go on layer transform selection


    74-Open mask  Narah_mask_0471


    75-layer new layer (raster 7)


    76-fill with white color


    77-New layer from image


    Masque nara


    78-Merge group


    79-drop shadow  color  1  1/1/50/1 


    80-duplicate layer


    81-Image mirror


    82-Image flip


    83-Ajouter a border of 1 color 2


    84-one border of  2 white color


    85-one border of 1 color  2


    86-one border  non symétric white color


    Bordure non symetrique 1


    87-Open woman tube, here Verlaine

     sélection tool  Outile selection

    Position 450/-17

    Position femme 6


    (Put your own drop shadow on tube)


    88-Open text tube Capture Moment


    89-paste as new layer


    90- sélection tool Outile selection

    Position  63/233

    Position texte capture


    91-drop shadow 10/10/50/2  color 1

    Ombre word art


    92-Open tube  Deco 2

    93-Copy and pste as new layer

    dont move


    93-Finish with a norder of 1  color 2



    Resize at  900 Pixel


     I thank you for doing my tutorial


    Feline C31



    Tube fleur du net

    Tube femme d' Azalée que je remercie