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    Tube femme de Mary

    Tube Paysage de Misted By Gini

    Tube paysage de Silvie

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    Cybia/ Screenwork

    Mura’sMeister/ copie

    Penta.com / Dot and cross

    Toadie / What are you ?




    Colors of this tutorial

    Palette couleur tuto couleurs d automne



    1-Open  Alpha layer Automne


    2- Duplicate layer and work on copy

    Rename it  raster 1

    3-fill with color   2

    4-New layer raster 2

    5-fill with color  1

    6-layer of mask from image

      ratoncita 09


    Masque racontas


    7-merge group

    8-drop shadow  1/1/40/10 black

    Ombre masque raconcita


    9-Open tube  Silvie  Automne 30.03.2014

    10-new layer  raster 2

    11-Sélection from alpha canal 



    Selection alpha automne


    12-paste tube into sélection

    13-opacity of layer at r  90% 

    14-selection none

    15-go on raster  1

    16-Effect / Cybia/ Screenworks/  Micro Maze


    Cyba screnwork


    17-selection tool

    personal selection

    Selection perso


    Selection perso cadre


    18-Transform selection into layer

    19-move up layer on top

    20-Sélection/ modify/ contract of  5

    21-fill with color   1

    22-Sélection/ modify /contract of 10

    23-fill with color  2

    24-Sélection/ modify/ contract of 2

    25-fill with linear gradient   0/1

    color 1 as foreground, color   2  background

    Degrader lineaire 3


    26-adjust, blur, gaussian blur at 20


    Gaussine 20


    27-Open tube  AbsolutelyAutumn_MistedByGini

    28-paste as new layer

    29-Resize at  80%

    30-with moving tool   Outil deplacer  ajust picture

    31-inverse selection 

    32-Suppress Pc forward delete button

    33-selection none

    34-merge down

    35-drop shadow   2/2/60/20 black


    Ombre portee cadre 2 2 60 20 noir


    36-Effect, plugin / Mura’s Meister/ Copie 1.3

    Mura s meister copie


    37-duplicate layer

    38-Effect plugin Toadie/ What are you / 20 /20

    Toadie what are you


    39-move down

    40-Image/ seamless tiling


    Mosaique vertivzl


    41-adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    42-go on group  rester 2

    43-new layer

    44-Versez la couleur 3

    45-Open mask  Jeanette Mask 1


    46-layer of mask from image


    Masque jeannette


    48-Mode of layer / overlay/opacity 90%

    Recouvrement 2

    49- merge group

    50-drop shadow  2 /2 /60/ 10 black

    Ombre masque 2


    51- Add a border of  2  color 2

    52-add a border of 10  color 3

    52- add a border of  1 color 2

    53-add a border of 5  color 3

    54-add a border of 1 color 2


    55-Add a non symétrique border o  20 45 45 20  white

    Bordure blanche 2


    56-Select with magic wand   Baguette magic   border of  5 (white)

    57-fill with linear gradient of  point   25

    58-Effect, plugin panta.com / dot and cross 


    Dot and cross


    59-Select all

    60-add a border non symétrique  color 2


    Bordure brune


    61-inverse Sélection

    62 fill with linear gradient again

    63-Effect penta.com/ dot and  cross

    Dot and cross 1


    64-drop shadow 0 /0/50/20 black

    65-selection none

    66-Open lady  tube

    67-Resize at  62%


    68-sélection tool  Outile selection

    Position  horiz  675 vert. 55

    Femme position


    69-drop shadow  2/2/50/30 black


    70-Open  texte Couleurs d’Automne

    71-paste as new layer

    72-selection tool  Outile selection

    Position  Horiz 123 Vert. 419

    Bonne position texte 1


    73-drop shadow 1/1/100/10 black

    Ombre texte 2

    74-Add a  symétrique border of 1 color  3

    75-Add a   symétrique border of   1 color  2



    77-Resize at  900 pixels width