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    Vm experimental

    Vanderlee-unplugged X

    Plugging galaxy




    Colors used in this tutorial





    For this tutorial, you will need one deco tube 

    and one lady tube


    1-Prepare a gradient, foreground clear, background dark color

    linear, inverse checked



    2-Open a new layer transparent 900X600



    3-Fill it with gradient


    4-Plugin Vm experimental-TeeWee



    5-Plugin Vanderlee-unplugged X

    6-duplicate layer


    7-Image-resize at 85% all layers not checked





    9-Effect 3D-inner bevel


    10-Go on  raster 1


    11-adjust add noise

    12-Go on top of pile


    13-Layer, new layer


    14-Tool  sélection- personnal selection


    as follow

    14-Fill selection with your light color

    opacity of color pot at  50




    15-Plugin,  pluging galaxy-instant mirror



    16-Plugin toadies -what are you



    17-Layer , new layer



    18-Fill this layer with your light color opacity of color pot back at  100



    19-Layer, new layer of mask from image masque-corinne.vicaire



    20-Effect, edge effect, accentuate



    21-Merge groupe



    22- pluging galaxy-instant mirror-vertical left



    23-Sélection-charge from disk :Deliah_Lady



    24-Edition-copy  tube @LadyCrea627, or you tube landscape or deco

    paste as new layer



    25 adjust it as you like-sélection inverse -delete or suppr from keyboard

    sélection inverse once more



    26-Layer-organize, move down once opacity of layer at 85

    27-Plugin AAAFrames-Fotoframes deselect



    28-Take off visibility of raster 1, go to any other layer and merge visibles



    29-Réopen visibilitu of  raster 1 and stay on merged layer



    30-Plygin xero- porcelain , default

    31-Copy and paste  jet-woman17-maart-2008 or your own tube

    resize at your taste



    32-Image-add a border 1 pxl dark color

    33-Image-add a border 3pxls white color

    34-Imageadd a border 1pxl dark color

    35-Image-add a border 3 pxls white color

    36-Image-add a border 50 pxls light color claire

    37-Image-add a border 1 pxl dark color



    Sign your tag and resize at  900 pxls

    I thank you for having followed mu tutorial


    I hope you liked it





    Ma version


    Tube paysage de Josy


    Tube femme de Logane


    je les remercie