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    This translation is property of Ebanescence




    Mehdis / Mavy Lab1.1

     Effet Ap 01 Innovation / silver lining

    Filtre Simple / Diamond

    Alien Skin candy impact 5 / Perspective Shadow

    AAAFrame/ Foto Frame


    Colors of this tutorial
    Palette couleur tuto douceur printaniere

    1-Open alpha layer  Douceur printanière

    Duplicate  Ctrl+D   close original and work on copy


    2-Filter Mehdis / Mavy Lab 1.1


    Wavy lab 1


    3- Image Effect  d’image/ seamless tiling



    Mosaique 2


    4-adjust, gaussian blur at  30

    Flou gaussien 30


    5-layer new layer  raster 2


    6-Open mask  VSP149


    7-fill layer with white color


    8-layer of mask from a image


    Masque 8


    9-Edge effect, accentuate


    10-merge groupe


    11-merge down


    12-Sélection/ charge from canal alpha 

      Selec Feli1

    Selection alpha


    13-Transform selection into layer


    14- selection none


    16-Effect Ap 01 Innovation / silver lining


    Lines silver lining


    17-merge down


    18-Open tube  cadre


    19-paste it as new layer  raster 2


     sélection tool  Outile selection


    20-Position Horiz 79 - Vert. 111

    Position bonne cadre 1


    21- Open  fond Lynnis

    22-edition copy

    23-Selecyion the 4 little frames with magic wand

    24-Sélection modify expand of  2

    Agrandir 2


    25-layer new layer  raster 3

    26-place layer under little frames

    27-paste into selection

    28-selection none

    29- go on raster of little frames

    30-Effect drop shadow   2/2/60/2   #154939


    Ombre cadre 2 2 60 2


    31-merge down

    32-Open tube déco

    33-paste as new layer

    34-move down

    35-don't move it

    36-Mode of layer on overlay and opacity at  55

    Recouvrement 55


    37-Open  tube déco 1

    38-paste as new layer

    39-don t move


    40-effect 3d drop shadow  2 /2 /60 /10   #154939

    Ombre 2 2 60 1 vert


    41-fo on top of pile

    42-open lady tube, here Tosha

    43-paste as new layer

    44-Resize at  56%


     sélection tool Outile selection

    45-Position horiz  504 vert 8

    Position femme 504 8


    46-Alien Skin candy impact 5 / Perspective Shadow

     take  preset  or here values if it does not work


    Perspective shadow 2



    47-Open flower tube Fleur de Silvie / image mirror


    48-paste as new layer


     sélection tool Outile selection

    49-Position  horiz 13   vert 2

    Position fleur 13 2



    50-drop shadow 10/10/30/20  couleurs

    Ombre fleur


    51-Open  tube texte

    52-paste as new layer


     sélection Outile selection

    53-Position  horiz  158  vert  384


    Position texte 7

    54-drop shadow  2/2/40/5  Couleur  4

    Ombre texte1

    55-Add a border  1  px white color

    56-Add a border of  2   color 1

    57-Sélection all

    58-Add a non   non symétric white border


    Bordure non symetrique 2

    59-inverse selection

    60-Effect texture/ Texture

    Texture 4


    61-selection none

    62-add a norder of  2    color 1

    63-select all

    64-Add a border of  15   white color


    65-inverse selection

    66-Filter simple/ Diamonds

    67-adjust, blur, gaussian blur  20

    Flou gaussien 22


    68-inverse selection

    69-drop shadow   0/0/100/40  Color 4


    Ompbre 0 0 100 40 vert


    70-selection none


    71- Filter AAA Frames/  Foto Frame

    Foto frame 6



    73-Resize at  900 pixels



    Tube de Mina