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    FELINE C31



    Eyes of a dreamer






    Eyes of a dreamer


    Palette couleur tuto eyes of a dreamer






    Mura’s Seamless / / Tile rotate

     Place it in  unlimited2 otherwise you won't have same result

    Simple/ Zoom out and flip 

     Place it in  unlimited2 otherwise you won't have same result

    Eye Candy Impact / Glass

    Toadie / What are you ?

    AAA Frame/ Texture Frame

    Adjust Variation




    1- Open a transparent layer  900/600

    2-Sélect all

    3-Copy in sélection the background in material eyes of dreamer




    (Change according your choosen colors with adjust filter or else)


    5- Duplicate layer


    6-Effect Mura Seamless  Tile rotate

    Effet mura s samless tile


    7-Effect distorsion /  Twirl 100

    Effet torsion distorsion


    8-Resize at  à 75%


    9-Effect simple / zoom out and flip


    you have this

    Zoum flip


    10-Sélection all

    Sélection floating

    Sélection static


    11-Sélection /modify , borders of selection


    Selection bordure 2


    12-Fill it with white


    13-Drop shadow  0/0/100/1 black


    14-select none


    15-Drop shadow portée 5/5/60/30  black color


    16- duplicate layer


    16-On original (Copy of raster 1)

    Effect, geometric effect  (circle enroulement)



    17- Mode of layer on hard light


    18-Opacity on   30 %


    19-Effect  edge borders, accentuate


    20-On top of  pile ( copy (2) of raster 1)


    select tool Selection perso


    21-Personnal selection, see icone Selection perso 2


    Selection pour effacer


    22-Inverse selection

    23- Pc forward delete button ( suppress)




    25-duplicate layer


    26-On the original (Copy 2 of raster 1)


    27-Effect Toadie / Waht are you  /68/20


    Toadies waht 68 20


    28-Mode of layer on overlay /Opacity at  80


    29-Effect, edge effect, accentuate

    On top of the pile  (Copy of copy (2) of Raster 1)


    30-Personnal selection


     sélection tool Selection perso


     personnal selection Selection perso 2


    Selection milieu


    31- Promote selection as layer




    33-Resize at 75%


    34-ërsonnal selection

    selection tool Selection perso

    Personnal Selection   Selection perso 2


    Selection glass


    35-Eye Candy Impact / Glass






    37-Duplicate layer


    38-Resize at 75 %


    39-Merge down ( with promote sélection )


    40-Open tube fleur   Blue-Flower-Misted-36-Azalee

    or yours


    41-Copy as new layer


    42-Resize at  18% or more or less depends of your tube

    Tool  sélection Outile selection


    43-Position Horiz 376 Vert 221

    Position fleur bleu


    44-Merge down


    45-Duplicate layer

    Selection Tool Outile selection


    46-Position  Horiz -147 Vert 202

    Position cadre bord


    47-duplicate layer,  image mirror


    48-Merge down 2 times


    49-Adjust, sharpness, sharpness



    111111111 1


    50-Go on  copy (2) of raster 1

    (see with your choosen colors)



    60-Filter  Adjust Variation

    1x on original / 1x more red/ 1x more green




    61-Go on layer copy of  raster 1


    62-New layer


    63-Fill with white


    64-Open mask LF-Mask-163



    new layer of mask from image (inverse marked)

    Masque 5


    66-Merge group


    67-Mode on overlay opacity at 100


    68-adjust sharpness, more sharpness


    69-Go to  ( raster1)


    70-Open tube fleur de Azalee Flowers-Misted-35-Azalee

    or yours


    71-Copy as new layer ( raster1)

    Don't move


    72-Mode of layer on overlay or else


    73-Opacity on 40


    74-Open  déco 1 eyes of a dreamer


    75-Copy as nex layer

    don't move


    76-Mode of layer on overlay opacité 100


    77-Go on raster 1


    78-Effect texture weave



    79-add a border of 1 color 2   (all layers not marked)




    81-Add a border of 5 white color


    82-Add a border of 1 color 2


    83-Add a border of 45  white color


    84-Sélect this border with magic wand


    85-Copy image you have in memory into  sélection


    86-Effect Toadie  what are you ? 20/20

    Toadie waht 20 20


    87-Effect filtre AAA Frame /Texture Frame

    Texture frame


    88- Inverse selection


    89-drop shadow  0/0/80/40 black color




    91-Open  tube lady Guismo  or yours


    92-Resize if necessary at 78%



    93-Tool sélection Outile selection

    Position Horiz   191 Vert 6

    Position femme 4


    94-Put drop shadow

    Ombre femme 1


    95-Open  text  Eyes of a Dreamer


    96-Copy as new layer


    Tool sélection Outile selection

    Position Horiz 576 Vert 76


    Position word 1


    Drop shadow 5/5/60/10 black color

    Ombre word


    add one border of  1 white color


    Sign and resize at  900pixels


    Bonne creation


    I Thank you for having make my tutorial

    and i hope you enjoyed it





    Eyes of a dreamer


    My version


    Tube femme de Luz Cristina que je remercie


    Tube fleur 1 trouvé sur le net


    Tube fleur 2 Azalée créations que je remercie


    Eyes of a dreamer