• Tutorial Guismo

     Tutorial Guismo

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    Mask de Narah

    tube de C.Josy

    Preset de Maxou



    BKG designer sf10

    Ap lines - silverlining

    Eye candy Impact 5


    Click on flower to download material


     Tutorial Guismo


    Help yourself to follow tutorial with this arrow



    1/ Open Layers, duplicate and close originals

    click 2 times on preset Matou 29/03

    it will install itself



    2/ Open transparent layer of 900 x 600 px


    3/ Foreground color #a20c05, background color #60a620

    4/ Make a linear gradient,corner 0, repeats 0


    5/ Duplicate layer


    6/ Effects, Bkg designer sf10 - AF62 effected emboss



     Tutorial Guismo


    7/ Geometric Effects - sphere ( globe )


    8/ Edge effects , enhance


    9/ Copy tube C Josy 129 landscape


    10/ Paste it as new layer


    11/ resize to 70 %  if needed, all layers not checked


    12/ Add a new layer


    13/ Fill it with white color


    14/ Open a mask layer from picture


     Tutorial Guismo


    15/ Merge group


    16/ Edge effects / enhance opacity to 75 %



    17/ Close raster 1


    18/ Merged all visible layers

    open raster 1 again now


    19/ Duplicate layer


    20/ resize to 75 % all layers not checked


    21/  go back to merged layer


    22/  selection , selection all


    23/  select, modify , contract to 20


    24/ Effects BKG Designers, sf10 cruncher



     Tutorial Guismo


    25/ inverse selection


    26/ do same effect cruncher again


    27/ Deselect all


    28/ resize image to 90 %


    29/ always on merged layer


    30/ Edge effects, accentuate


    31/ activate raster 1


    32/ flip vertical image


    33/ Merged all visible layers


    34/ select, select all


    35/ select, contract of 45


    36/ inverse selection


    37/ effet AP lines- silverlining- Dotty grid



     Tutorial Guismo

    38/ select all


    39/ select, modify , contract to 20


    40/ Effet Eye Candy Impact- gradient glow-

     appliquer le preset Maxou 29/03


    41/Invert selection


    42/ same effect that at point 40 Maxou preset


    43/ deselect


    44/ Copy tube C Josy 302 and paste as new layer

     put it on left side


    45/ resize it a 90 % or other depends of your tube


    46/ image mirror, or flip horizontal


    47/ copy and paste tube C Josy 205  woman tube

    or else as new layer


    48/ resize at 50% or else dépends on tube


    49 /copy your text


    50/ sign your work and merged all


     I thank you for having followed mu tutorial


    and hope yous enjoy it




    My version


    Woman tube Mina

    flower tube found on web


     Tutorial Guismo





  • Tutoriel Rossy

    Link on image









    Tutorial Rossy




    1 tube misted (paysage ou autre)
    1tube Principal woman or else
    ( Here tubes from de Tocha e Guismo)
      1 tube deco
    (  here from Guismo)

    I thank them



    AP Lines-SilverLinining
    Filters Unlimited2
    Eye Candy 5, Impact
    MurA's Meister


    Colors used for this tutorial

       Foreground #123242  Background #6794a7


    Click on flower to download material



    Tutorial Rossy


    help yourself with this arrow to follow tutorial




    1.- Prepare a gradient of 2 colors from your tube or 

    2 colors you like


    Here for this  tutorial

    Dark color is put as foreground and clear color as background

     Linear gradient - Corner 90 - Repeats - 1


    2.- Open alphachannel_rossy in your matériel,

    copy and close original

    We'll work on copy



    Fill this layer with your gradient


    3.- Plugin Photo effex, scanlines,

      2, 2, 20, 10, 0, 0, Vertical Toggle checked


      Repeat this plugin, Vertical  toogle , not checked this time


    4.- Add a new layer

      fill it with clear color of your palette colors ,

    the background color


    5.- Layer, new layer of mask Narah_mask_0694,

    invert checked, and merged group


    6.- Effects, 3D effects,drop shadow with dark color

    your foreground


    7.- Effects, image effects, seamless tiling

    Corner, Horizontal

    H offset à O et transition à O


    8.- Plugin Simple, Top Bottom, Wrap


    9.- Activate raster 1, Charge selection from canal alpha selection #1

    Promote selection to layer

       Layer , move up layer

    Deselect all



    Plugin, AP [Lines] Lines- Silver Linining






    Effects, Drop shadow, black color


      Plugin Unlimited2, Special Effects 1, Shiver ( défault values)

      Effects Border effects, enhance


    10.-  Duplicate layer, Image flip (Vertical)

      Merge down with under layer

    Effects, image effects, seamless tiling

    same value as previous point

      Drop shadow , same values than point 9


    11.- Copy and paste a new layer, 

    barrarossy, from material



    Image effects, offset




    Effects,   réflexion effects, rotary Mirror


    12.- Activate raster 1, Charge  selection from canal alpha

    selection #2

    Promote selection to layer

    Layer move up


    Plugin Unlimited 2, Special Effects 1, Pipes(vertical)

    density 93

      Plugin Eye Candy 5, Impact, Glass,  Clear No Drop Shadow


      Drop shadow like in point 9

    Effects, Réflexion effects,rotary mirror

    angle de rotation à O


       Duplicate layer, flip vertical  this layer

      Merge down layer


    13.- Activate raster 1,

    Charge  sélection from  canal Alpha, selection #3

    Promote selection to layer

    layer, Put it on top of pile

    Filter Unlimited2, Special Effects 1, Pipes(vertical)

    same configuration as above

    density at 93

      duplicate layer

    Effects, géométric effects, Cercle

    Selection, Inverse, suppress or delete and again

     Inverse selection

    Eye Candy 5, Impact,glass,  Clear, No Drop Shadow

    Deselect all


    14.- Image, Resize at  75%, all layers not checked



    Image Effects, offset

       Drop shadow same as in point 9,

    Merge down layer with the one under

      Repeat drop shadow

    Effects,  réflexion effects,  rotary mirror

     rotation  angle at 180


    15.- Copy and paste as new layer rossy_1_deco,

      put  opacity at 50%


      Layer move down 3 times


    16.- Copy et paste your  misted tube, landscape or else

      put  opacity at  50%



    Your layers should be like this at this moment



    17.- Merged all visible layers, duplicate layer


    18.- Image, Resize at  85%, all layers not checked

    Effects, image effects, offset

    Effects, Drop shadow, 0, 0, 80, 40, black color


    19.- Duplicate merged layer of bottom

      Plugin MurA's Meister, Perspective Tiling

    white color

    Drop shadow, (-8), 0, 80, 40, black color


    20.- Activate merged layer, adjust,blur,  gaussian blur

     density at à 50

      Filter Photo effex,scanlines


    Merge all visible layers


    21.- Copy and paste your tubes, décorativs and principal,

    Put a drop shadow as you like


    22.- Image, add a border of 1px, your dark color,


    sign votre création

    and register in jpg


    Tutoriel Rossy



     Thank you for having followed my tutorial

    I hope you enjoyed it


    Maria José


    Tutorial Rossy


    My version here


    Tube femme de Nanette

    qui me l a offert et que je remercie

    Tube paysage de LB

    Tube fleur de Patries BL


    Thanks to them


    Tutoriel Rossy