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    This translation is property of Evanescence













    Colors of this tutorial


    1/ dark      c8571a

    2/ light         e3c5a1

    3/ white     ffffff

    4/ light grey   bab0b1






    Open a transparent layer   900 x 600 pixels


     fill with this gradient, linear style




    duplicate layer


     Open mask   0111  Narah


    new layer of mask from image

    inverse marked




    merge group


    open landscape tube,  SvB zee 40 de Syl

    copy and paste as new layer


    merge down 




    on raster 1

    select all

    Open again landscape tube  zee 40 de Syl

    copy and paste inton selection

    selection none


    image, effect, seamless tiling

    curved marked



    on top layer  (copy of  raster 1)


    put opacité of this layer at 80





    layer new layer

    fill with white color  

    Open mask  1077 Narah

    layer of mask from an image




    edge effect, accentuate  


    merge group


     Mode of layer Luminance L




    merge down





    merge visible layers


    layer new layer

    Prepare this radial gradient




    apply brush  Holiday size at  275 with the gradient


    Mode of layer multiply , opacity at  45




    place it on the right size , see model

    duplicate layer

    Image resize at  70 %

    Place on the left size of the first one like model

    merge down




    layer new layer

    put in foreground palette color  bab0b1

    apply bruh  city , with size at  250

    place it like model , right top of layer

    edge effect accentuate

    Mode of this layer  luminance L

    merge down 2 times




    Edition copy

    Sélect all

    Image add a border of  3 pixels color c8571a

    Selection, select all

    Image add a border of  50 pixels color  e3c5a1

     inverse selection

    paste in selection image copied before

    Transform selection into layer

    Effect Toadies  what are you , default

    Effect 3d button




    selection none

    merge all visibles





    Open woman  tube FET0016 d’Isa

    Edition coy and paste as a new layer

    Image resize at  95 %

    Image mirror

    place it on left side


    adjust , sharpness, blur mask



    drop shadow -6/7/50/20 noir



    merge all layers



    Sign your tag on new layer

     Resize it as  900 pxls width

    save as  jpeg



    Tube femme Malacka

    Tube misted Drevers