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    This tutorial is property of Feline C31
    This traduction is property of Évanescence










    Thanks Tocha for beautiful woman tube

     to Luz Cristina for landscape tube 


    Nikita for flower deco tube


    Jewel for the Word Art




    Etoile 20





    Toadies/ Ommadawn

    Toadies / What are You ?

    Unlimited /Papier Texture/  Fribrous Paper coarses

    Eyes impact5/ Perspective Shadow


    Put gradient in your file

     double clic on preset  perspective Abisha shadow, 

    it will go directly in your file

    Etoile 20







     Colors of this tutorial

    Palette couleur tuto la nature 1



    1-Open a transparent layer ( Raster1) of   900/550 px


    2-Fill with color  1


    3-Effect Unlimited / Papier texture/ Fribous paper Coarses


    Bon papier fibrous 1



    4-Open maske  Monaiekje mask 34


    5- minimize it


    6-Layer new  layer ( Raster 2)  fill it with color  2


    7-New layer of mask from image

    Masque 34 1


    8-Merge groupe


    9-Effect , edge effect, accentuate


    10-Go on rater 1


    11- layer, new layer  raster 2


    12-Put gradient  Nature c  in foreground

    linear  325/0

    Degrader 1


    13-Fill layer with gradient


    14-Mode of layer on overlay  opacity  100


    15-Open landscape tube of  Luz Cristina


    15B- go on layer on top of pile


    16-paste as a new layer


    17-selection tool  Outile selection Position   Horiz  241  Vert 93

    Position paysage 4


    18-Mode of layer, hardlight, opacity at  40


    19-Merge all visibles


    20- Adjust /  Light and contrast

      ( optional, dépends on your colors)

    Luminosite 2


    21-selection tool Outile selection

    Selection perso Selection perso 2


    Selection perso cadre 2 1


    22-Transform  selection  into layer


    23-adjust, blur, gaussien blur at  10


    24-layer, new layer ( Raster1)


    25-Fill with color  3


    26- Sélection / modify/ contract 20


    27 -Fill with color 1


    28 -Sélection/modify/contract 5


    29 -fill with color  3


    30 -Sélection /modify of 5


    31- Suppress on keyboard  Pc forward delete button


    32-Selection inverse


    33 -Effect Screenworks / Lace screen   défault ( 113) 


    34-Effect drop shadow  0/0/50/20 black

    Ombre portee 1cadre 1


    35-Sélection / inverse


    36-Open tube  Nikita flower 


    37-Copy into selection


    38-adjust, sharpness, more sharpness




    40-Merge down


    41-drop shadow  0/0/50 20 black, same values as in point  34


    42-duplicate layer


    43-adjust / radial blur

    Flou radial 2


    44-layer organize move down


    45-Effect Toadie /  Ommadawn

    Ommadawn 1


    46-Mode of layer on overlay opacity 100


    47- Layer new layer raster 1


    48-selection tool  Outile selection

    Selection perso Selection perso 2


    Selection perso cadre 3


    49-Fill with color  2


    50-Sélection/ modify/contract of 5


    51-fill with color  1


    52-Sélection / modify/ contract of 2


    53-Fill with color 2


    54-Effect Screenworks / Lace screen same as in point  33


    55-Ne rien sélectionner


    56-Effect drop shadow 2/2/50/10 black

    Ombre portee cadre 4


    57-Effect Toadie  Ware are you ?    

      ( Toadies  filter is in material, use this one,  as in unlimited

    you won't have same result)

    Toadies 33


    58-duplicate layer


    59-merge down


    60-Mode of layer on  Luminance L /Opacity at  90

    Luminance 1


    61-Effect  personnal Embosse 3

    or adjust sharpness, sharpness


    62-Go to merged layer


    63-layer new layer


    64-fill with white layer


    65-Open mask Narah_mask_Abstract86


    66- Layer of mask from image

    Masque abstrak 4


    67-Merge groupe


    68- drop shadow 1/1/50/ 10 black


    Ombre portee masque 1




    69 -Mode of layer Luminance L  /Opacity of layer at  80


    Luminance heritee 81




    70- Image Mirror




    71 – Image flip




    72-Open  déco chain




    73-paste as bew layer




    74- sélection tool Outile selection Position  82/ -25




    Position 82 252




    75-Move  layer under the layer of the frame




    76-Add a border of  1 color 4








    80-Add a border of  2 white color




    81-Add a border of 1 color   4




    82-Sélect all




    83-Add a border of 35 white color




    84-Sélection inverse




    85-Copy memorized image into selection




    86-adjust,blur, gaussian blur at  10




    87-Transform sélection into layer



    88-Effect Gallery H  / reverb   défault




    89-adjust, sharpness, sharpness




    90-Selection inverse




    91 -drop shadow  0/0/50/40 black


    Ombre cadre finition 1




    92-  deselect




    93 -  Merge all visibles




    94-Open  Word Art de Jewel




    95- paste as new layer




    96-Resize at  70 %




    97- sélection tool Outile selection  Position  horiz 312  vert 279




    Position bon texte ward 1




    98-Open  tube,  woman of Tocha




    99- paste as a new layer




    100- Image/  Mirror



    101-Resize at 68%




    102-Place on right




    103-drop shadow




    104-Eyes impact5  / Perspective shadow  / preset Abisha shadow


    (Paramèters if preset doesn't work)


    Capture d ecran 2016 04 03 14 59 54 1




    105- add a border of 1  color 4




    106- Add a border of 1   color  2




    107- adjust / sharpness/  sharpness high pass   10/25




    Nettete passe haute 1








     Resize at 900 pixel width


    Than You


    Feline C31