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    Tube femme of Cibi bijoux

    Tube fleur of Lori Rhae

    Tube paysage of Dani




     Foreground color  988d82 dark

    Background color  fdfdfb light


    1-Open a transparent  layer of 800/530 px

     fill  layer with your darker color, here   988d82


    2- layer new layer 

    fill layer with you light color here fdfdfb


    3-layer new layer of mask from image




    Merge groupe


    4-Go to raster   1  

    Texture effect, texture , fine paper



    5-go to layer on top


    6- layer new layer

    charge selection from disk 

    leonie selection


    7-fill selection with a linear gradient   45/1


    keep selected


    8-Open tube misted , landscape or yours

    paste into selection




    10-Select all  /  floatting selection/  static selection


    11-layer new layer 

    fill with your light color


    12-Selection modify contract of 2 pixels 

    suppress on keyboard


    13-Effects 3D cutout




    14- Deselect

    merge down


    15-Duplicate  raster 2 

    go on original layer


    16-Effect toadie / what are you   20/20


    17-Effect  drop shadow  /   0- 0-50- 30  black


    18-adjust, sharpness, sharp


    19-On top layer put opacity of layer at  85 %

    drop shadow  0 – 0 -50- 30  black


    20-Merge all visible




    21-   1 pixel color c2


    22-  3 pixel  color c1


    23-  1 pixel color c2


    24-  30  color c1


    25-Select the border of   30 pixel


    26-Put in selected border of  linear gradient


      darker color in foreground


    27-Effect texture/ weaver




    28- Inverse selection


    29- Effect  3D drop shadow   0-0-50-30 black


    30-Open lady tube or yours

    resize here for this tube at  90%

    adjust like model


    31-drop shadow portée  6- 2-40 30


    32-Open flower tube or yours

    resize at  50 %


    33-Mode  of layer  luminance L

    drop shadow  portée  2-2-50-15  black


    34-put it on right corner as model


    35- Open Tube déco  

    copy and paste in right corner 

    Mode Luminance L


    36-drop shadow 1-1-50-10  black


    37-Copy paste the tube   le word art  Moment ( or yours)


    38- drop shadow 1-1-50-10  black


    39-add a border of  1pixel   light color

    3 pixel dark color couleur foncée

    1 pixel light color


    40-Resize at  700 pixels width


    41-Sign your work


     Thanks for doing my tutorial




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