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    This tutorial is property of Feline C31

    Thos translation is property of Evanescence







    Thanks  Hebe, Libellule and MMDDesign for tubes





    Toadies/ Weaver

    AAAFrames/ Texture Frames




    Colors for this tutorial

    you can change opacity and mode of layers according your choosen colors

    Palette couleur tuto 3





    1-Open alpha layer  Liberée


    2- window duplicate  ( touche Ctrl D ) 

    xlose original and work on copy


    This layer has selections


    3- rename layer as  raster 1


    4-Prepare a sunburst  gradient

    color 1 as foreground

    color 2 as background


    Degrader halo


    5-fill layer with gradient


    6-layer new layer  raster 2


    7-fill with color   3


    8-Ouvrir le masque  masker39-mpd©designs97


    8B-Layer of mask from image


    Masque masker39


    9-merge group


    10-Edge effect accentuate


    11-Effect drop shadow   0/0/ 30/ 10 black


    Ombre 0 0 30 11


    12- go on raster   1


    13-Sélection charge from alpha canal



    Selection alpha 1


    14-promote selection as layer , keep selected


    15- layer organize on top


    16-Effect , texture effect


    Texture 1


    17-Sélection modify contract of   20


    18-layer new layer  raster 2


    19-fill with white color


    20-Sélection /Modify contract of  20




    22-selection none


    23-drop shadow 0/0/60/25 black


    Ombre 0 0 60 25


    24- go on raster  1


    25-Effect filter  simple / blintz


    26-Filter simple / Hal Wrap


    27-layer new layer  raster 3


    28-fill with white color


    29-Open mask  VSP226


    30-layer of mask from image


    Masque vsp


    31-merge groupe


    32-Edge effect accentuate


    33-mode of layer multiply   opacity 100


    Multiplier 100


    34- go on  raster 1


    35-layer new layer  Raster 3


    36-Sélection charge from  canal alpha

     selection 2

    Selection alpha 2


    37-fill with white

    38-Contract of   10

    39-fill with color   2

    40-Contract of  10

    41-fill with color   1

    42-selection none


    43-Effect /Toadies / Weaver




    44-layer on multiply mode  opacity  100


    Multiplier 100


    45- go on top layer


    46-Open tube text  Yoka


    47-paste it as  raster 4


    48-Resize at  55 %    only one layer


    selection tool  Outile selection


    Position  Horiz 151 Vert 218

    Position texte1 1


    49-Open tube    libellulegraphisme_Eyes


    50-paste as new layer


    51-Image resize once at  30%   and then at  à 75%


    52-tool selection Outile selection

    Position  Horiz 580 Vert 217

    Position oeil


    53-Sélection charge from canal alpha

    F- Selection3


    Alpha 3


    54-inverse selection


    56-selection none


    57-Open  tube déco 1

    58-paste as new layer

    59-selection tool  Outile selection

    Position Horiz 17 Vert 23

    Deso 1


    60-mode of layer on overlay  opacity 100

    Recrouvement 100


    61-Add a non symetric border white color


    Bordure non s


    62-Add a non symetric border color   2


    Bordure non bleu


    63-Add a symetric border of   15  white


    64-Select border of color 2


    65-Filter AAA Frames/ Texture Frames


    Aaaframes texture frame


    66-Effect drop shadow  0/0/60/10 black


    Ombre portee 0 0 60 10


    67-slection none

    68-Open tube , here of  Hebe

    69-paste as new layer

    70-Image/ resize at  95%

    71-tool selection  Outile selection

    Position Horiz 475  Vert 58

    Position femmemm


    72-adjust, sharpness, sharpen


    73-drop shadow  3/3/40/30 black


    74-add one border of  1 color  2


    75- Resize at  900 pixels




    tube de Grisi