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    FELINE C 31









    Thanks to  for Lady tube

     to PspDevil for man tube 

    to Mentali for Lansdcape tube

    Filtre Unlimited  / VM Texture / Barbwire

    Filtre AAA Frame/ Foto Frame

    Filtre Toadie / Weaver

    Filtre / adjust Variation




    You can change blend mode and opacity according your colors
                        Here my colors
    Palette tuto janvier 2016
    FCD6BF    64 5858          22090

    1-Open one  transparent layer 900/550 pixels


    2-Prepare a linear gradient   0/0  inverse checked

     colors  1 et 2



    3-Put gradient in your layer


    4-Duplicate (copy of raster1)


    5-Plugin Unlimited  /Vm texture Barbwire , défaut


    Image1 1


    6-Blend   Luminance L   Opacity  15


    Luminance heritee 15


    7-Effect,  image effects/ sorting tiles

    corner, bidirectionnal, linear, transition at 100



    8-Effect, edge effects, enhance


    9-Merge down


    10-duplicate layer


    11-Resize at 85%


    12-Sélect all


    12 a- floating Sélection


    12 b- static Sélection


    13 Add new layer (raster 2)


    14-Put white color in  your foreground palette


    15- and fill  it with this color  


    16- selection modify Contract of 2

    Contracter 2


                                17-clic on suppress   Pc forward delete button


     18-Merge down


    19-select none


    20-Drop shadow /5/5/70/30 black

    Ombre portee cadre 2


    21-layer duplicate  (Copy (2) on Raster 1)


    22-Image resize at  85%

     sélection Tool Outile selection


    23-Position 88/60

    Position cadre dupliquer


    24-Duplicate again this layer (Copy of copy (2) sur Raster 1)


    25-Image resize at 85%

     sélection Tool Outile selection


    26-Position 124/93

    124 93 cadre1



    27- Personnal Sélection  see icones   Selection persoSelection perso 2

    Bonneeeeee selection perso


    28-Adjust/ blur, gaussian blur at   30


    Flou gaussien interieur cadre


    29-Effects, texture effects / texture , choose contraste papier

    Texture constrate


    30-Open the landscape tube  or yours


    31-paste in your sélection


    32-Adjust, sharpness, sharpness


    33- select none


    34-Close visibility of this layer


    Calque 3


    35-Go to layer just under


    36-Merge all visible layers


    37-Re open layer on top


    (Copy of Copy (2) on Raster 1)


    38-Duplicate   (Copy (2) on Copy (2) on Raster 1)


    39-Effect Toadie weaver  ,  defaut


    Toadie 1


    40-move down once


    41-Effect , image effect , seamless tiling like at point  7


    42-Blend mode of layer darken Opacity 100



    43-Go on top of pile (Copy of copy (2) on Raster 1)


    44-Blend mode of layer hard light Opacity  80


    Lumiere dur


    45-Merge all visible layers


    46-Pluhin Adjust Variation / Click on original once

     Clicl once on More cyan

    or other according your colors



    47-Open tube Silent winter


    48-paste it as new layer (raster1)


    49-Resize at  85%

     sélection Tool Outile selection


    50-Position 537/29

    Position silent winter


    51-adjust, sharpness, sharpness


    52-Drop  shadow 5/5/30/20 black

    Ombre portee silent winter


    53-Open  tube Deco rond


    54-paste it as new lauer (raster2)

    sélection Tool Outile selection


    55-Position 325/31


    Position deco rond



    56-Blend of layer on  luminance  /Opacity  85


    Luminance 86


    57-Open tube texte


    58-paste it as new layer (raster3)

     sélection ToolOutile selection


    59-Position  470 / 121

    Position word art


    60-Blend Mode  Luminance L


    61-Drop shadow 5/5/30/10 black

    Ombre portee texte 3


    62-Open  tube lady Guismo


    63-paste it as new layer (raster4)


    64-Image mirror


    65-Resize at 70%


     sélection Tool Outile selection


    66-Position  25/21

    Position femme 5


    67-Drop shadow -10/-10/20/20 noir

    Bonne ombre femme guismo


    68-Open tube man pspDevil


    69-Copy as new layer (raster5)


    70-Resize at  75 %

     sélection Tool Outile selection


    71-Position  114/3

    Position homme


    72-adjust , sharpness, sharpness


    73-Drop shadow  5/5/40/30 noir


    Ombre portee homme


    74- Merge all visible layers




    76-Add a border of 1  color   2


    77-Sélect all


    78-Add a border of 15   color  3


    79-Inverse selection

    80-Copy in sélection , image you copied before


    81-Plugin Graphic plus /cross shadow    défaut

    Cross shadow


    82-Filter Foto Frame


    Foto frame 3


    83-Sélect all


    84-Sélection / contract of  13


    85 drop shadow 0/0/80/40 black


    86- select none


    87-Add a border of 1 color    1


    88-Add a border of 1  color  3


    Sign tour création

    Resize at  900 pixels width





    Thank you for doing my Tutorial


    I hope you enjoyed it


    Féline C 31





    My version


    Lady tube of Mara Pontés that I thank

    tube of clock found on the net no  name