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    Plugin galaxy

    Virtual painter 4


    Van Der Lee Unplugged X


    Flaming Pear

    VM toolbox

    AAA frames


    For this tutorial tou will need

    1 misted tube landscape or else

    1 person or other tube


    1-Open one transparent layer 950X750 pxls


    2-Prepare one gradient sunburst


    3-Fill layer with this gradient


    4-Pluging galaxy-wrap 1


    5-Plugin Virtual painter 4


    6-Effects, image effects, seamless tiling

    corner, bidirectionnal, linear

    7-Layer duplicate


    8-Image-resize at à 75% all layers not checked


    9-Image free rotation

    left, at 90


    10-Filter Andromeda-perspective


    11-Effect, image effect offset


    12-Sélection-charge from disk mae_lin_lady


    13-Filter eyes candy's impact-glass setting Mae_lin_Lady

    Put your light color

    14-Copy and pste your mist tube in your selection



    15-Prépare a gradient  with 2 other colors


    Linear, inverse checked



    16-sélection-charge selection from disk Maei_lin 1_lady

    18-Layer new layer


    Fill selection with gradient


    19-Adjust- blur, gaussian blur, and deselect


    20-Plugin vanderlee-unpluggedX-Copystar


    21-Plugin  toadies-what are you


    22-Organize move down this layer


    23-Effect , image effect, seamless tiling

    corner horizontale

    24-Go on raster 1


    25-Plugin Alien skin snap art-oil paint-setting mae_lin_lady


    26-Sélection-charge from disk mae_lin 2_Lady


    27-Layer new layer


    28-Fill it with the first gradient you made


    29-Plugin Flaming-pears-Flood-



    30-Sélection charge sélection form disk mae_lin3_Lady



    31-Preparer a new gradient  sunburst

    Add new layer


    32-Fill with gradient


    33-Plugin Unlimited- frames textured_textured frames 02

    modify with tour colors


    34-Plugin eyes candy's 5 impact backlight setting mae_lin_2_Lady-




    35-Layer duplicate, image flip



    36-Place it down as model pot to pot  

    opacity at 45



    37-Layer merge down


    38-Copy and paste the person  tube

     resize it if needed and place it like model


    39-Effect 3D-drop shadow


    40-Image-add border 1 pxl light color


    41-Image-add border 3 pxls dark color


    42-Image-add border 1 pxl light color


    43-Image add border 50 pxls dark color


    44-With magic wand select this last border


    45 Plugin Vm Toolbox-zoom blur




    47-Plugin AAAframes-foto frames


    Sign your work and add 1 border of 1 pxl black 

    resize at 950 width


    I hope you enjoy this tutorial


    and Thank you for making it






    Ma version


    Tube MR QUi


    Tube misted personnel