IT's forbidden to copy this tutorial  or to distribuate  on the net,

    groups sharing or forums, without my permission.


    I thank particularly the tubers :

    Corinne Vicaire -Jring's – Feli Atob- Groupes Schares.

    Open your tubes, make a copy and we will work onto copies


    Put your Sélection in your PSP file

    and import plugin into  Unlimited





    click on flower to download





    Mehdi Wab1

    Ulead Effects

    Art Texture

    Xeros porcelain

    Buttons & Frame

    3D glass frame3 


    Take this arrow to help yourself to follow tutorial




    For this tutorial the colors are


    1/ Open a new transparent  layer of 900/650

    2/ Effet Mehdi/Wab1/1 :

    Foreground , dark color : #ab2a27

    Background clear color: #d99895


    3/ Duplicate layer/Image flip vertical/ Opacity at 50%/

    Merge all visibles layers

    4/Duplicate/Image resize at 90% all layers not checked

    5/Effects, art media, brush strokes




    6/ Plugin  Ulead effects/ Art Texture : Click on toimage 5/6:


    7/Put blend mode of layer  Luminance L ( Legacy )

    If you dont have this filter take my  Ecran rose 1/

    Copy and paste as new layer/

    Don't move it , it s ok

    8/Take tool selection arrow et pull it to left and right as model shown

    To deslect tool , press M on your keyboard


    You have this:



    9/Duplicate this layer

    You have this now :


    10/Stay on copy/close its visibility and merged with the background /Activate scale and tool selection arrow/move it from  300 to 450 :


    11/Désactivate tool/ Effects, Distorsion effects, Polar coordinates:

    rectangular to polar 


    12/Drop shadow :



     do it also in negatives values for V&H 


    13/selection  Maman rose1

    Press suppress on keyboard on  actif  layer and copy :





    14/Add new layer/open tube 79flowers/ Copy and paste as new layer

    Center with tool Raster


    15/Effect 3x Xeros porcelain/Opacity at 75/ Mode luminance L :



    16/Open  tube  Jring’s f061510/ Image rotation à to right/

    Copy and paste as new layer

    Image resize at 80% all layers not checked


    17/Put layer on top of pile


    18/close background layer/merge all visibles layers


    19/take deformation tool /Ajust image a little bit wider than your tag

    Put again on  Luminance L / Opacity at 80% :




    20/Open tube children de Corinne Vicaire

    Copy and paste as new layer


    21/Effet Ombre Portée :



    22/Open  texte Rose/Copy and paste as new layer

    Put it down


    23/Copy and paste  tube feli_atob as new layer/Image resize at 70%


    24/Put it on left on top of tag/ Blend Mode Luminance L

    Duplicate/Image mirror


     25/Duplicate/Image resize at 80% and move it at the bottom of tag

    between written


    26/merge down 2x / Opacity at 59%/Opacity à 60%


    27/Drop shadow same as N°21


    28/Put your sign


    29/Image/add border of 2 dark color


    30/Image/add border of 2 clear color


    31/Image/add border of 2 dark color


    32/Promote background to layer/Edition copy


    33/Selection/Sélect all/Add a  border of 35 white color


    34/Sélection inverse/paste into  sélection copied image


    35/Effects, art media effects/brush strokes




    36/Effects, Unlimited 2/Buttons & Frame/3D glass frame3:


    37/Selection inverse


    38/Effet 3D drop shadow :



     also in negatives values V&H 


                     39/Désélect all        




    Export en JPG.


    I thank you to have following my tutorial

    and i hope you enjoyed it


    Rose des sables



    My version

    tube fillette de Gabry que je remercie

    autres tubes du matériel du tuto, je remercie les tubeurs