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    Kang 1 /  Abortion

    Meidhi  / Sorting Tiles/ Diamond Bill

    L en K’s / Djiin  

    Mura’s Meister/ Cloud




    Palette couleurs

     Colors used in this tutorial

     Palette couleur tuto bleu 1



    1-Open alpha layer


    2- window duplicate

    click  Shift +D


    3-close original


    4-Sélect all copy and paste   fond  into selection


    5- selection none


    6-adjust, blur, gaussien blur  40


    7-Color  1  in foreground and color  2 in backround

     Couleur 3



    8-Layer new layer  raster 2


    9-Open mask  @nn_220912_mask_171_tdstudio


    10-fill layer with color   2


    11-layer new layer of mask from image


    Masque anna 1


    12-Merge group


    13-drop shadow  2/2/60/20 black


    Ombre portee cadre 6 


    14-adjust, sharpness, sharpness


    15-layer new layer raster 2


    16-Sélection charge from alpha channel


    Selection 19



    17- Opacity of  flood fill pot at 75


    18-fill with color   1


    19-Sélection modify, contract of 20


    20-fill with color  2


    21-Sélection modify contract of 2


    22-fill with color of  color  1


    23-Sélection modify contract of  2




    25-selection none


    26-drop shadow 2/2//60/20 black


    Ombre portee cadre 6



    27 Image effect, seamless tiling


       Mosaique vertical


    28-Sélection/ charge selection from alpha channel

    Sélection #2


     Selection 20


    29- Go on  raster 1


    30- Tranform selection into layer


    31- keep select


    32- move up layer above  group raster 1


     33- Open  fond tumblr_01


    34-layer new layer  raster 2


    35-Copy and paste un selection


    36-Mode of layer , overlay


    37-Plugin   Len K’s   / Dijn Control 0.  33 / control 1. 10




    38-selection none


    39-Merge down


    40-go on top layer


    41-Merge down




    43-go on original  (transformed selection)


    44-PluginToaddies / what are you / 41 /41


    45-Edge effect accentuate


    46 go on top of pile  (Copy of transformed selection)


    47-Merge down


    48-Sélection charge form alpha channel 



    Selection 21 


    49-go on  raster 1


    50-Transform selection into layer


    51-Plugin Ap  innovation ( lines )/ silver lining


     51 silver lining diamond bill 1


    52-Sélection/ modify borders of selection


     52 selection bordure


    53-fill with color  2


    54-selection none


    55-put mode of layer on overlay  opacity at  70


     5recouvrement 70


    56-put this layer up , on top of  groupe raster 1


    57-go on  groupe Raster 1 ( 2e from bottom)


    58-image effect, seamless tiling




    59-go on  raster 1


    60-put color  1 as foreground and color 3  as background


    60 1et 3


    61-plugin  Mura’s Meister/  Cloud


     61 cloud bleu


    62-plugin unlimited/ paper textures/ Recycling paper



    62paper texture


    63-go on top of pile


    62 calque


    64-layer new layer raster  1


    65-fill with color   1 opacity flood fill pot at 100


    66-layer of mask from image


    66 masque narah


    67-merge groupe


    68-Mode of layer overlay opacity at  80



    68 recouvrement


    69-move down layer twice  (under transform selection)


    70-go on top of pile


    71-layer new layer


    72-Sélection charge form alpha channel



    72 selection 4


    73-fill with color 2


    74-Sélection / modify/ contract of 1




    76-selection none


    77-drop shadow  1/1/70/1  black


     77 ombre 1 1 70 1

    78-layer duplicate


    79-sélection tool  Outile selection

    Position  Horiz713/ Vert.6

    79 position deco losange 


    80-Open tube text


    81-File export as personnal brush


    82-Name it  / ok


    83-layer new layer 2


    84-Sélection/ charge from alpha channel


     Seelction 7



    85-take your brush


    86-size  550



    87-left clic with color 1 into selection


    88-selection none


    89-Edge effect, accentuate


    90-Add a border of  1  pixel color 1


    91-Add a border of  2 pixel color  2


    92-Sélect all




    94-Add a border of  40 color  1


    95-Inverse selection


    96-paste in selection , image you copied


    97-adjust, blur, gaussien blur at  20


    98- transforme selection as layer


    99-plugin  Kang  1 / Abortion 



    99 effet kang1


    100-Mode of layer on overlay at opacity   30


    101- Merge down


    102-Inverse selection


    103-ombre portée   0/0/50/40 black


    104-slection none

    Open your lady tube , here  Mica  tube


    105-Copy and paste as new layer


    106-Resize at  90%


    107-Place on the left side  as model


    108-Ombre portée 6/10/40/40 couleur noir


    108 ombre portee femme


    109-Open tube flower  de Daffodil Trio_LR-06-09-09


    110-Copy and paste as new layer


    111-Resize at 60 %


    112- sélection toolOutile selection


    Position   horiz 581/ Vert. 275


    112 bonne position fleur


    113-drop shadow 6/10/30/40 black

    113ombre fleur





    115-a border of  1 pixel color 1


    116- a border of  1 pixel color 2




    118-Resize at  900 pixels



    Tube de Mery


    Tube fleurs de Maryse