• Tutorial Merry Christmas

    Tutorial Merry Christmas


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    Tutorial Merry Christmas





    Tubes  Guismo-Greetings that I thank

    Tube Perso


    Tutorial Merry Christmas




    MuRa’s Meister Cloud

    Graphic plus/Button Beveler II


    Tutorial Merry Christmas


    Light foreground here #B05A59

      Dark background here: #000000


    1/Ouvrir un calque 900/650 pxls

    2/Effect MuRa’s Filter Meister Cloud :


    3/Add new layer

    Sélection/Sélect all , open background boule

    4/ Copy and paste into selection

    Deselect all

    5/Mode of layer/Luminance H/Opacity at 70%

    6/Effect Graphic plus/Button Beveler II/

    do it 3 times



    7/Drop shadow


    8/:V&H also in négatif

    9/ Open  tube Kerstballen/

    resize at  80% 2 times

    Copy and paste as new layer

     place it on left as model

    10/ Drop shadow


    11/ Open  tube Lumière

    Copy and paste as new layer

    don't move


    12/Drop shadow


    see the layers 


    13/Open tube Kerst baum/

    resize at 80%/

    place it on left at bottom on tag

     14/Open text tube CJ Xmas Tree Greetings

    Copy and paste as nex layer

    place it at bottom as model



    15/Open tube Femme de Guismo

    Copy and paste as new layer

      resize at 55%

    place it on right of tag

    drop shadow like point  12


    Sign your work



    17/ Voici vos Calques





    18/ Activate background layer



    We'll take it later

    19/Merge all visible layers


    20/Image/Add a border  of 2 light color


    21/ ImageAdd a border of 2 dark color


    22/ Image add a border of 2 light color

    23/ Image add a border  of 25  contrast color

    24/take magic wand ans select this border

    Sélection inverse :





    25/Effet 3D/Effet drop shadow:



    V&H un négatif also

    Inverse Sélection/

    keep  Sélection




    26/add new layer

    Copy and paste your imagecopied in memory

    and paste into selection




    27/ adjust, blur, gaussian blur 10




    28/Effect Graphic plus/Cross Shadow/

    défault 2 times


    Deselect all

    29/Image/Add a border of 2 light color

    30/ Image/Add a border of 2 dark color

    31/ Image/Add a border of 30 contrastant color

    31/Take magic wand

    Sélect this border

    add a new layer and paste into selection

    the copied image in memory

    32/adjust/blur, gaussian blur at 10


    33/ Effect Foto Frame at 15







    34/Effect Foto Frame at 35 :




    /Add a border of 2 light color


    35/Change your layer as normal raster


      Take magic wand and select the 2 littles frames 






    36/Duplicate  2 times your tag

    you have  3 tags

    Close the two up and go on the first which is open





    37/ le Raster 1/Effet Alien Skin Xenoflex/Constellation



    close raster 1/open raster 2




    38/ On Raster 2/Effet Alien Skin Xenoflex/Constellation





    close Raster 2/open raster 3


    39/ On raster 3/Effet Alien Skin Xenoflex



    40/Deselect all/Open all layers

    41/Adjust, sharpness, sharpness on each layer

    Save in PSP image

    In Animation Shop/Property of image at 10


    Je vous remercie d'avoir réalisé mon tutoriel


    et j'espère qu'il vous a plu


    Rose des sables



    Tutorial Merry Christmas


    Tutorial Merry Christmas