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    Lady tube  Isa FB0563

    Misted tube  Guismo

    Thank you 





    Mehdi /Wavy Lab 1.1

    unlimited / Kaleidoscope /Kaleidoscope heart

    unlimited / VM Extravaganza / picture in picture

    1 preset perspective shadow






    Colors of this tutorial

    Palette couleur moments magiques



    1-Open a transparent layer of   900/550 px


    2-plugin  / Mehdi / Wavy Lab1.1

    put your 2 other colors


    Wab lab 1


    3- adjust, blur, gaussien blur at  40

    Flou gausien


    4- Image effect, seamless tiling

    -Bégaiement Diagonal

    Mosaique diagonal


    5-Duplicate layer


    6-Image mirror


    7- Image flip


    8- opacity of layer at  50%


    9-merge down


    10-Open your misted tube, here  Guismo


    11-Copy and paste as new layer



    12-adjust, radial blur


    Flou radial 3


    13-Image effect , seamless tiling, default


    Mosaique par defaut 1


    14-Open mask   2BitMask_19/  minimise it


    15-new layer


    16- fill with white color


    17-layer of mask from image


    Masque 9


    18-merge group


    19-Mode of layer on overlay


    20-drop shadow   1/1/ 60/1  black



    21- sélection tool, personnal selection

    Selection perso  Selection perso 2


    Selection personnalisee


    22-Copy and paste misted tube, here  guismo 

    as new layer


    23-Image/ Resize at  à 70%


    24- Inverse selection


    25-Suppress on keyboard


    26-selection none


    27-layer move down


    28-adjust, sharpness, sharpen


    29-go on raster  1


    30-Effect  unlimited / Kaleidoscope  heart


    Unilimited kaleidoscope heart



    31-duplicate layer


    32-Effect  unlimited / VM Extravaganza / picture in picture

    Vm extravganza picture in picture


    33- opacity and mode of layer according your colors


    Opacite 50


    34- Image effect , seamless tiling

    Mosaique 101


     image add border


    35- 1  px color  4


    36- 15 px  white


    37-Select white border with magic wand


    38-adjust, add noise gaussian at  30


    39- selection none


    again borders


    40-  1 px color  3


    41- 3  px white color


    42- 1  px color  2


    43- 3  px white color


    44- 1 px  color 1


    45-Add a non symetric border white color


    Bordure non symetrique 3


    46- Open deco  Moments magiques


    47- paste as new layer, don't move


    48-Open  Texte Moments magiques


    49-paste as new layer


    50-Resize at  80 % one layer


    51-Image , negatif image


    52-drop shadow  1 /1 /50 /2 black

    Oombre texte 1 1 50 2


    53- selction tool  Outile selection


    54-Position  horiz 507 vert 369

    Bonne position texte


    55-Open lady tube, here Isa FB0563


    56-paste as new layer 


    57-Resize at  81%


    58-Place on left like model


    59-Alien Skin/eye candy5 impact / perspective shadow/ preset 01Shadow Fel




    60-Add a border of  1  color   3




    62-Resize at  900 pixels width


    Export as  Jpeg


    Tube d 'Isa et de Cal