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    The tubes Joanne uses have been sent by the authors on different groups
    And she has their permission to use them
    Some of them have been found on the WEB,
    If you see a tube that belongs to you, contact Joanne or myself
    And a link towards your site will be added.


    Link of Joanne Site on création



     Flaming Pear / Flexify 2
      Graphic Plus , Emboss





    You can help you with this arrow



    1/ place selection in you selection file


    2/ place your gradient in your gradient file


    3/ Prepare your gradient with this configuration



    4/ Open a transparent raster 800 x 600, select, select all


    5/ copy  your landscape tube,and paste into selection


    6/ call this raster "Landscape" and close it


    7/ add a new layer,put the gradient you have prepared in it


    8/ raster, new raster of mask from image

    select 710 masks Brook...


    9/ Merge all layers


    10/ layer duplicate, image flip Horizontal


    11/ Merge visible layers


    12/ layer, diplicate, merge all, call this raster " cadre 1"


    13/ duplicate layer, stay on copy and close raster "cadre 1"


    14/ Effects, distorsion effects,Polar coordinates


    15/ Plugin flaming Pear, Flexify 2


    16/ Effects, image effects




    17/ Duplicate layer, merge down


    18/ Duplicate layer,Image flip vertical, merge down

    and call it " cadre 2"


    19/ Charged selection from disk




    20/ press delete, all deselected


    21/ Open raster called " cadre 1"


    22/ layer duplicate,merge all visible layers


    23/ Adjust, clearness, clearness


    24/ Plugin graphic plus, emboss, all numbers at zero


    25/ Drop shadow 3/3/100/10 black color


    26 /do it again with negative -3/-3/100/10/ black color


    27/ go on raster " landscape", open it


    28/ copy and paste your tube


    29/ resize image at 60%, all layers not clicked


    30/ place this tube as on the model


    31/ adjust , clearness, clearness


    32/ same Drop shadow than at point 25


    33/ go to raster on top of pile


    34/ copy and paste my watermark given in material


    35/ sign your creation


    36/  Merge all layers


    37/ add a bordure 2px of black

     add a bordure 30 px of white

     add a bordure 2 px of black


    38/ With Magic Wand select white border


    39 / and paint it wih your dark color


    40/ filtre graphic plus, crossed shadow , défault


    41/ one more time


    42/ reverse selection


    43/ drop shadow of points 25 and 26, deselect


    44/ register as a JPG


    Thank you for having done my tutorial

    hope you enjoy it




    Thanks to Roby2764 for the beautiful tube

    and Brookekrogerdesigns for the mask

    Thanks for the author of the Landscape ,

    I unfortunately don't jnow his name



    My version


    Tube of Azalée Thank you