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    I thanks particulary for tubes

    Corinne Vicaire –Alejandra Rosales-DWTUBES-Apo3_Groupe Schares



    Alien Skin/Impact/Glass -Texture Frame



    Foreground : #eccd3e

    Background: #896155


    1/Open canal alpha in material/make a copy which will serve for your tag


     Fill up with a linear gradient


    Rename this layer ' FOND "



    2/On this layer/Sélection/charge a selection from canal alpha called  Sélection 1

    Promoted selection to layer



    3/Fill it up with gradient/Promote selection to layer/ Désélect /

    rename it as selection 1




    4/Effects/ Texture Effects / blinds :





    5/Effet 3D/Drop Shadow :

    5 H 5V opacity 25 blur 10 black coor


    6/Effet Géométrique/Perspective verticale :



    Duplicate layer and resize it at 80%, all layers not checked

    and push it on corner as shown on capture





    8/Merged down with the layer bellow


    9/Add a new layer/Sélection/charge sélection from canal apha  Sélection 2

    Promoted selection as layer


    10/Fill up with gradient/Plugin  Alien Skin/Impact/Glass :




    11/Désélect/push a little the stars to the top/rename this layer as  selection 2


    12/Merged down layer



    13/Copy and paste as new layer Apo3-fractal

    Effects, effects image, seamless tiling


    14/Blend mode Luminance L, legacy  /Opacity at 50/Place this layer above the one called Fond/


    Move it to the bottom of tag/rename it FRACTAL

    15/Layer/New layer/Sélection/charge from canal Alpha/Printemps Sélection 3

    Promote selection to layer

    16/Fill it up with your gradient / Texture Effects, Blinds :






    18/ Géométrique effects/Skew



    19/Duplicate/ resize at  80%/ push it down the first one on the right:



    20/Add new layer/Sélection/charge from canal Alpha/choose  Sélection 4

    Promote selection to layer




    22/Open picture 211/paste into Sélection/ Effet 3D Inner bevel :



    23/Désélect/rename this layer  PRINTEMPS


    24/Copy and paste as new layer tube e523b201 XL/resiez 2 times at 80%

    Move it up just above layer  FRACTAL

    25/Add new layer/Sélection/charge sélection from canal Alpha/choose Sélection Promote selection to layer

      Paste  again picture 211 into Sélection/Désélect


    26/Once again/ Glass effect/duplicate 3 times/place on orange flower or else, according your choice and ribbon also


    27/Merge layers as many times you did until you have on layer with the stars/rename it Etoile


    28/Add new layer/Sélection/charge from canal Alpha/choose Sélection 6


    Promote selection to layer, fill it with picture 211/ still in memory


    29/Texture effects/ Blinds :




    31/Put Drop shadow  :




    32/Sign your création/copy the base called fond/paste it as new image

    we will need it later


    33/Image add border of 2 dark color


    34/Image add border of  2 clear Color


    35/Image add border of  2 dark color


    36/Change background raster as normal raster


    37/Adjust/Neat/More neat


    38/Image resize at 90% all layers not checked


    39/Add a new layer/Sélection/Sélect all/ fill it with your " Fond" /Layer move down/keep selection


    40/Effect/AAA Frame/ Texture Frame :




    41/Go to raster on top /Sélection/Sélect all/floating/ and selecton Static/ Drop shadow:



    Do again drop shadow with  V&H  négatives values




    43/Image add a border of 2 dark color.


    44/Copy ans paste tube DWTUBES /image resize 1x 60% & 2x 80%

    Place it at bottom on the left



    45/Copy ans paste tube de Corinne Vicaire/image resize 1x 60%/ place it on the right at the bottom of tag/Put drop shadow like at point  N°31






                    47/Merged all layers                




    Export as JPG


     I hope you enjoy my tutorial and

    Thank you for doing it


    Rose des Sables





    My version


    Flower tube found on the web

    Woman tube Gabry which I thank