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    R E B E C C A




    LA  R E V E U S E   P O E T I Q U E




    Tube d'Alexandravbach

    Masque Duality


    Colors used for this tutorial

    Foreground color #ebf9fb clear color

    Background #3d799c     dark color




    Carolaine and sensibility/ cs texture





    Help yourself to follow this tutorial with this arrow



    Put your material in each corresponding files of your psp

    selection, brush....etc..


    Make a gradient with your colors


    angle 0 / repeats 1 invert checked



    1/ Open a layer 950 x 650

    fill up with your gradient


     Adjust , Blur, Gaussian blur to 20


    Plugin simple / Diamond


    Plugin carolaine and sensibility, cs texture




    2/ Add a new layer, fill it with background color


    New layer of mask,from picture, mask duality 3bd 14.3.15


    Merged group


    Merged all visible layers


    3/ edit / copy and paste as new image, save it , we will use it later


    4/ Add a new layer, take selection from disk

    choose Josy 0515


    Fill up selection with your gradient


    Plugin carolaine and sensibility cs texture





    Duplicate image mirror


    5 /copy and paste tube Elsa Frozen by Alexandravbach as new layer


    resize at 80 % all layers not checked


    6/ Add a new layer


    take the brush point 1 and put some brushstrokes mixing

    with colors of background and foreground


    7/ Merged all layers


    8/ Add a border of 5 px white color #fffff


    Add a border of 5 px background color


    Add a border of 30 px contrasting color


    select this border with magic wand and take the image

    we reserve before make copy and paste into selection


    9/ sign your work and merged all layers


    resize at 950 px




    I thank you for having followed my Tutorial


    ans I hope you enjoy it


    La Rêveuse Poétique




    My version


    Tube of Mina that I thank