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    This tutorial is property of Feline C31

    This translation is property of Evanescence





    Thanks to Florjus for tubes




    VanDeerLee / unPlugged-x

    Fm Tool / Emboss

    Filtre VanDeerLee / Unplugged-x /  Snow



    1-Open alpha raster  Bonnes fêtes


    1B-Window duplicate, work on copy, close original


    2-Open  fond Noël


    3-Selection, select all


    4-Paste  fond Noël  into selection


    5- selection none


    6-Layer new layer  raster 2


    7-Sélection / Charge from alpha channel




    8- Put   goldpatter texture in material palette


    Angle 45 scale 100




    9- Put golden texture in selection


    10-selection, modify, contracter of 2


    11-Suppress on keyboard


    12-Sélection modify contract of 30


    13-Put gold texture in selection


    14-selection, modify, contract of 2


    15-Suppress on keyboard


    16-Ne rien sélectionner


    17-drop shadow 2/2/75/20 black


    2 2 75 20


    18- layer new layer  raster 3


    19-Sélection charge from alpha channel 

    Noel 1


    Selection perso noel1


    20-Copy  fond Noel 1 into selection


    21-Effect  3D / button

    red color


    Effet bouton


    22-Sélection modify contract of 20

    Suppress on keyboard


    23-Open  tube Deco fond Noel


    24-layer new layer raster 4


    25-Copy  déco  fond Noel   into selection


    26-adjust /sharpness  / more sharpness


    27-selection none


    28-go to  ( raster 3)


    29-effect 3d drop shadow  0/0/50/30 black


    0 0 50 30


    go on top of pile


    30-Open tube  texte Noel


    31- copy and paste as new layer


    32-Put it on left side as model




    33-go on to raster 1


    34-Open  tube déco 1


    35-Paste as new layer

    don't move it


    36- Blend Mode of layer on overlay




    37-Filter Fm Toole/  Blen emboss




    38-Go on top layer


    39-Open on  tube déco 2


    40-paste it as new layer  raster 4


    41-Image / Mirror


    42-sélection tool, arrow   


    Position  H21/ V425

    Position deco noel 2

    43-Open tube tube florju_espritdenoel_elmt (42)


    44-paste as new layer ( raster 8)


    45-Image resize at 60%

    selection tool arrow 


    Position  Horiz 718 Vert 178

    Position bonhomme garcon


    43-Open  tube florju_espritdenoel_elmt (43)


    47-paste as new layer (raster6)


    48-Image resize at   52%

    selection tool

    49-PositionHoriz 516 Vert 236





    50-Fusionnez avec le calque du dessous


    51-Ombre portée  0/0/50/30  Couleur noir


    0 0 50 31


    52-Open tube déco Noel 3


    53-paste as new layer (raster 9)

    selection tool arrow 


    54-Position  :Horiz 80 Vert 35


    55-Open tube  déco 4


    56-paste as new layer

    selection tool arrow

    Position : Horiz 23 Vert 42

    Position etoile


    57-Open tube  text Bonnes fêtes


    58-Place like model


    59-adjust / sharpness/sharpness


    60-Add a border of   2  px white color


    61-Select this border with magic wand


    62-put gold texture in this selected border


    63-Select all


    64-Add a border of  30  couleur #820503


    65-Inverse selection


    66-Texture Effect / texture


    Texture 3

    67- Inverse selection


    68-effect 3d, drop shadow 0/0/70/40 black

    0 070 40


    69-again inverse selection


    70-Filter VanDeerLee / Unplugged-x /  Snow /Amout 5




    71-selection none


    72-Add a border of  2 px  white


    73-Select border


    74-Put gold texture in selection




    Resize at 900 pixel de width