• Heart

    Link on image






    FELINE C31











    Toadies /  What are you


    AAA Frames/ Foto Frame



    Palette 2

    Blend mode of raster and opacity may change


    with your colors








    Open a  transparent layer of de 900 /550 px



    Color  1 as foreground



    Color  2 as background




    Fill your raster with this gradient

      45/1 inverse not clicked


    Degrader 45 1




    Adjust, blur, gaussian blur at 30




    Adjust, add noise,  30 gaussien monochrome checked






     Add new raster , will be number  2



    sélection Tool Outile selection




    Sélection, personal selection  Outil selection personnalisee


    Selection perso 4



    Open background  GTD music pp6


    Copy and paste in selection






     sélection tool   Outile selection


     personal selection  Outil selection personnalisee


    Selection perso 5




    Put a gradient, linear  90/1 inverse not clicked



    with color 1 as foreground


    and  color  2 as background


    Degrader 90 1







    duplicate layer



    Image mirror



    Merge down



    Effet simple/ Diamond




    Open  mask  Gabry31



    Add a new layer, will be number  3



    Put in this layer color 1



    New layer of mask from image


    Masque 4




    Merge group of layers


    Effects, edge borders, accentuate


    Drop shadow 0/040/20  black




      sélection Tool Outile selection


     personal selection  Outil selection personnalisee




    Selection perso 6




    Add a new layer




    Open tube Anytubes  paysage (Take off signature)



    Copy and paste landscape into selection








    Effect, image effects, seamless tiling



     (optional , depends on your landscape tube )




    Mosaique s j paysage




    adjust, sharpness, sharpness






    Go to original layer, the one under (Raster3)



    (Depends again of your tube and do..)



    Effects, image effects, seamless tiling






    Mosaique bilateral 100




    Opacity at   60



    Effect Art media / brush stroke, default



    Coup pinceau




    Go to  raster 2




    Open déco Heart, take off signature




    Copy as new layer




     sélection tool Outile selection



     Horizontal  233 


      Vertical 6


    Position deco heart




    Mode of layer, on overlay




    Your layers should go like this




    Position calque




    Merge all visible layers




    Open tube Heart Word




    Copy and paste as new layer



    Image / image into négatif




     sélection Tool Outile selection


    Position  Horizontal 3


    Vertical. 176


    Position word




    Sélection all



    Sélection floating



    Sélection Static




    Put a  gradient   45/5




    Color 1  (foreground)


    color  3   (background)



    Degrader 45 5






    Drop shadow  3/3/70/10  Black color



    Adjust /luminosity and contrast, 8  and  Contrast at 10


    linear mode clicked






    Add 1 px border  color 1



    Add 1 px border  color 2



    Add 2 px border  color 1



    Add 50 px border  color white



    Sélect this border with magic wand




    Effect reflexion/  kaléidoscope







    Adjust, blur, gaussian blur to 40



    Effect Toadies / What are you  20/20


    Toadie what are you 20




     Effects, Edge borders, accentuate


    Filter Foto frame


    Foto frame 1







    Open tube Misted  Grisi , take off  signature



    Copy as new layer



    Resize at  85 %



    Place on your tag




    Sign and resize at 900 pixels width




    I thank you for making my tutorial

    and I hope you enjoyed it


    Karine, Félinec31




    Bonne creation




    Ma version


    Tube couple de Nikita que je remercie