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    This tutorial is property of Claurette Graphisme

    This Transmation is property of Evanescence





     Medhi / sorting tiles  

     FunHouse /Patchwork 

     FunHouse / évanescence 

       Grafic plus…quick tile II

     AAA Frame





    1 mask of Tine 

     lady tube of babette  Thanks

    landscape tube 

    2 tubes deco  C.Laurette




    Colors of this tutorial




    Open a transparent layer  900/600 pixels

    make a linear gradient

    foreground  / #622f1d

    background / #1c1610




    fill layer with gradient



    plugin   Medhi / sorting tiles



    duplicate layer 

    image mirror 

    Mode in soft light or else

    merge visible


    Image effect seamless tiling

    corner/ vertical / 50/80



    edge border accentuate more

     image mirror 




    plugin  FunHouse /Patchwork at 15




    Image effect, seamless tiling




    duplicate layer

    image mirror 

    Mode of layer dodge

    adjust sharpness, sharpen

    merge down




    new layer

     put white color as foreground

    selection tool , personal selection



    Sélection /modify, borders of selection 

    inside antialias marked

    fill with white color



    selection none

     image effect , seamless tiling  50/-20/50

    corner , bilateral, linear


    duplicate layer

    image mirror , opacity at  50

    merge down

    Effect 3 D / drop shadow  /0/0/80/25 black

    merge down



    duplicate layer

    Resize at  85  %

    Effect 3D/drop shadow  0/0/80/25 black

    duplicate again  

    Resize at   85 %

    Duplicate again

    Resize at  85 %




    adjust layers copy of raster 1 and

    the one on top mode screen



    merge visible




    new layer

    selection tool, personal selection



    fill with white color

    Open Tine mask

    new layer of mask from an image



    duplicate 2 times and merge group 



    selection modify, select borders





    new layer

    fill with white

    selection none

    mode in soft light or else

    Effect 3D/ drop shadow  0/0/80/25 black

    merge visible




    new layer

    selection tool, personal selection



    copy and paste your landscape tube 

    inverse selection

    suppress and inverse selection again

    selection modify select borders of selection


    fill with white color  

    selection none

    merge visible




    Open deco tube C.Laurette1

    Copy paste as new layer 


    do not move


    Open deco tube  C.Laurette2

    Copy paste as new layer

    do not move

    merge visibles






    Image add borders

    2 pixels  white color

    15 pixels foreground color , #622f1d

    Select border with magic wand

    plugin / FunHouse / évanescence à 85



    plugin / Grafic plus…quick tile II





    Effect 3D/drop shadow  0/0/80/15 black

    selection none




    add border 2 pixels white

    select all

    add border 40 pixels foreground color  #622f1d


    paste into selection, image you copied before

    adjust, blur, gaussian blur at  12

    plugin  / AAA Frame Foto Frame



    selection none




    add border 2 pixels white color

    add border 40 pixels dark color or else, here  #622f1d

    select border with magic wand

    make a linear gradient

    foreground : #622f1d

    background  : #f9b177




    fill selection with gradient

    plugin /AA A Frame  / Foto Frame



    selection none



    copy and paste your woman tube

    as new layer

    adjust like model

    drop shadow  0/0/85/45 black

    Add a border of  1 Pixel foreground color  : #622f1d


    resize at  900 pixels 

    and save in jpg