FELINE C31






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    AAA Frames

    Unlimited  / Vm Natural

    Unlimited / Button&Frames



    Palette couleur 1
    Drag Tut with arrow to help you to follow



    Open a transparent layer

    900/560 pixels


    Make a gradient , linear    42 /2


    Color 1 as Foreground

    Color 2  as Background

    Degrader lineaire 42 2

    Fill with gradient

     gaussien blur at 30

    Image effects /seamless jointure,    Angle/vertical at 100

    Mosaique verticale 1

    Duplicate layer and resize at 90%

    drop shadow  1/1/70/20 black color

    Duplicate layer

    Take selection Tool Outile selection

    Position  Horiz 39 vert 40

    39 40



    Resize at 90%

     sélection tool  Outile selection

    Position   Horiz  47 Vert 64

    47 64

    Close visibility (Raster1)

    Merge all visible layers

    Reopen layer (Raster1)

    Stay on merged layer on top


    New raster

    sélection tool

    personnal selection

    Outil selection personnalisee


    Selection perso 1

    Fill with color  1

    Contract of 10

    Fill with halo gradient 0/0


    Ooen picture of landscape

    Copy as new layer 

    Resize at 80 % ( depends on tube from matérial or the one you use )

    Cross tool to move tube  Outil deplacement

    Center it

     inversed selection

     press Pc forward delete button on key board

    Ajust/ sharpness


    Merged down with layer

    On merged layer the one in the center

    Plugin Vm Naturel Speed   défault values

    Effet vm natural speed

    Put blend mode on multiply at   80 %

    Plugin Vm Naturel/ Ripper 78/72/135/193/164/39

    Vm natural ripper defaut


     Image effects /seamless jointures  Angle bilatéral 100

    Mosaique 100

    Mode of layer to   normal  opacity 80


    Mode normal


    Stay on this layer

    New raster

     personnal selection  Outil selection personnalisee

    Selection perso 2

    Fill with color 1

    Contract of 10

    press on delete on keyboard Pc forward delete button



    Plugin simple / Diamonds


    On layer of the top of pile  drop shadow  5/5/50/20

    Duplicate 2 times

    On raster 2

    IMAGE / free rotation    5   left



     Distorsion effects/Radiance

    H -76.57/V 58.5 repeats


    Effet rayonnement

    On the one up  ( copy of raster 2)

    pull selection to the right

    Etirer contre le bord droit1


    Effet unlimited  factory gallery  V Ommadaw   défaut


    On layer on top  (copie(2) sur raster 2 Image free rotation  5 left

    Déplace raster 3 up to  raster 2

    Merged down

    On background ( Raster 1)

    Effects texture/ texture    choose  Cobbles texture from material

    Texture 1

    Your layers are like this


    Merged all visibles


    Add border of 2 pixels white color

    one Border of 1  pixel  color    2

    One Border of 10 pixels  white color

    One Border  of 1 pixel color 2

    One border of 25 pixels white color

    Sélect this border

    Fill with linear gradient   42/2

    Degrader lineaire 42 2 1111

    Plugin AAA Frames /Texture frame Width à 25

    Textue frame

    Filtre unlimited  Button & frame   Glass Frame 2



    Glasse frame 2




    Copy  woman tube or other, here DBK tube as new layer


    Resize at 80 %

    Put on the left

    Drop shadow    7/10/30/30  black color

    Open  tube bird de Froju

    Copy as new layer

    Resize at  50

    sélection tool Outile selection


    Horiz 480  Vert 73

    Position oiseau bonne

    Position oiseau 1


    Drop shadow  same as on woman 7/10/30/30 black color

    Open text the ocean

    Paste as new layer

     sélection tool Outile selection


    Horiz 830 Vert  150

    Position texte 1

    Effet 3D  Inner bewer



     Drop shadow  10/0/60/10  black color


    Finalize with a border of 1  pixel  / white color

    and one border of 2 pixel  / color 2


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