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    This tutorial is property of Feline C31

    Its traduction is property of Evanescence





    Thanks to Azalée for her nice tube





     Eyes Impact 5 / Backlight




    Colors used for this tutorial


    Palette couleur tuto vert



    1-Open a transparent layer of  900/550 px


    2-Sélect all


    3-Open flower background


    4-Copy it in selection


    5-deselect, keep it on your corel board

    you'll need it later


    6-Effect / image effect, seamless tiling



    Mosaique vert


    7- Adjust, blur, radial blur



    Flou radial


    8-new layer , will be layer  2


    9-fill with color  1


    10-Open mask  Linda psp


    11-layer, new layer of mask from image


    Masque 6


    12-Effect , edge effect, accentuate


    13-Merge  group


    14-drop shadow 1/1/30/1 black


    Ombre portee 1 1 30 1 vert


    15-Merge down

    16-Tool sélection Outile selection

    17-personnal sélection  Selection perso


    Selection perso


    18-transform selection as layer ( transformed selection)


    19-Duplicate  (Copy of transformed selection )


    20-stay on this layer


    21-Sélection/  Modify  /contract of  25


    22-Fill it with color 2


    23-Sélection/Modify / contract again of  25


    24-Paste flower background into selection


    25- Layer new layer 3


    26-Effect 3D/ cut


    27-Capture  2/2/ 50/25 black

    Decoupe 50


    28-Merged down


    29-select none


    30-Select with magic wand the  pink frame

    Biseautage image


    31-Effect 3D/ Inner bewel


    Biseautage 1


    32-select none


    drop shadow  1/1/50/20 black

    1 1 50 20 noir


    33-Resize  at 85%  

    all layers not clicked


    34-go to layer transformed selection 


    35 Adjust, add noise at  30 uniform


    Bruit vert


    36-layer new layer (raster 2)


    37-Sélection tool, personnal selection

    same values as in point 17


    38-Sélection / Modify / extend of  1


    39-Put white color in it



    40-Sélection /Contract of 2

    41- suppress or Pc forward delete buttonon keyboard


    42-Effect Eyes Candy impact5/ Backlight

    take preset in material



    43-if preset does not work or you don't know

    here find manual values 


    Parametre backlight


    44- Blend mode of layer on overlay opacity at 100 


    45-Effect drop shadow   /1/1/30/10 black color

    Ombre backlight


    46-go on raster 1


    47-Sélection / Charge selection So beautiful from disk 




    48-Transform selection into layer


    49-Effect/  texture effect, blinds color 3


    Store vert 2


    50-Adjust, sharpness, sharpness


    51-Blend mode of layer  opacity at  80


    52-Sélection/ Modify / contract of 15


    53-Drop shadow  1/1/50/20 black color

    1 1 50 20 noir 1


    54-Sélection contract again at  15


    55-Drop shadow 1/1/50/20 black




    57-Effect, reflection effect/ feedback


    Resonnance vert


    58-Drop shadow  1/1/30/20 black


    Ombre portee resonnance


    59-duplicate layer


    60-Image, inverse, vertical  mirror  for old versions


    61-Stay on this layer


    62-Open tube tube  déco  So Beautiful


    63-paste as new layer dont move it


    64-Your layers look like this

    Vos calque vert


    65-Merge all visible layers


    66-Add a border 1 white


    67-Add a border of 2 color 1


    68-Select all


    69-Add a border of  25 white


    70-Sélection inverse


    71, adjust , add noise   aléatoire, random  value  2


    72-Effect 3D cut

    Decoupe 30




    74-Add a border of   1  color  1


    75-Sélect all


    76-Add a border of 40  white color


    77-Sélection inverse


    78-Effect 3D , cut, same values than in point  72


    79-Open  tube texte So beautiful


    80-paste as new layer, don't move


    81-Open  déco 2  Eyelets


    82-paste as new layer 

    selection tool Outile selection


    83-Position Horiz 626  Vert 440




    84- Mode of blend Luminance L at   100




    86-Image / horizontal mirror

    87-Tool selection Outile selection


    88-Position  Horiz 674 Vert 85

    Position deco 3 b


    89-Open tube femme de Azalee or yours


    90- paste as new layer


    91-Resize at  80 %


    92-Tool sélection Outile selection


    93-Position  Horiz 31 Vert 4

    Position femme verte


    94-drop shadow  5/5/ 40 /30 black color


    95- finish with a border of   1  color  1


    96-one border of 1 color white


    97-Resize at  à 900 pixels width


     register in  jpeg mode


    Thank you for doing my Tutorial





    My version


    Tube of LB tubes