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    Gabry-worldart Rose

    Masque: a-eigenbau

    That I thank 


    Pay attention, for thos who have others Psp than X or XIII firt mask is in material

    as it will be unable to transform it to make the plugin Transparency





    Tranparency/ Eliminate black-

    Adjust Variation -

    Tronds Filters/Emboss1-AAA Frame -




    help yourself with this arrow to follow tutorial






    Put a clear light color in foreground , here : #f5bf8e

    Put a dark color for the background, here: #967356



    1/Open mask eigenbau /

    Effect Tranparency/ Eliminate black/

     double clic on background layer  , it will be transform in  raster 1/

    Do again leffect Tranparency / Eliminate black 


    you should have this




    3/Open a transparent layer of  900/650

    4/Fill it up with dark color #967356 or yours

    5/layer/ new layer/

    Sélection/Sélection all

    Copy and paste transformed mask into selection


    6/Image  effects/Seamless tiling



    7/Put opacity at  50%/ merge all/ duplicate

    8/resize image at 80%/ all layers unschecked


    9/Close visibility of background layer


    10/On top layer make 2x times/ Distorsion effects Radiance:



    11/Effect 3D Drop shadow see values



     again Drop shadow with V&H in  négatives values


    12/Open tube 8351109 /Copy and paste as new layer


    13/Image/ resize at  80% /All layers unchecked

    14/Effect/ Adjust Variation :



     15/Close layers  except the one in center :



    16/Open  tube 04_041

    Copy and paste as new layer/put it on left of your central tag


    17/Duplicate /put this one on your right/Duplicate and put it on your right down

    18/Duplicate and push it on left down


    19/see your layers



    20/Close visibility of little layer/merge all  visible

    21/take rubber tool and cancel what is going aoutside of central tag


    22/Put  opacity at à 50%

    23/Go to top of layers/Open tube of  Gabry

    Copy and paste as new layer


    24/place it on your right


    25/Effect/ Sharpness/ sharpness


    26/Effect 3 D Drop shadow :


    27/Put  World Art Rose/

    Copy and paste as new layer/Put it at bottom of your tag

    28/Put your watermark or sign

    29/Go to background

    Edition Copy and paste/reserve/merge all visibles

    30/Image/Ajouter des bordures de 2 couleurs foncées

    31/Image/Add border of 2 light color

    Image/Add border of 2 dark color 

    33/Image/Add border of  25 black color

    34/Sélect this border/paste your iamge in memory, you copied before into  sélection

    35/PLugin/Tronds Filters/Emboss1 :





    37/Sélection/Inverse do again effectt AAA FRAME/FOTO FRAME:  




    38/Again do  Effect AAA FRAME/FOTO FRAME: 



    39/Désélect/Change background for raster 


    40/Take selection tool ans select frame/Duplicate 2x times

    stay on bottom layer


    41/Close visibilty of the 2 others layers




    42/On 1st layer , the one at bottom, put effect Xenoflex/Constellation :


    for the animation i did not do the same way than Rose des Sables and she autorized me to telle about it


    i put the 3 layers also on first one open, and 2 other closed, i put the same values i let random seed

    at 1 for the first layer i copy with fusion go to animation open as new animation, then go back psp

    close the layer 1 open the two don t move value just click on random seed one time copy with fusion

    go to animation shop, and put after the first active image and do so for the tird one layer back in psp

    close layer 2 open 3, i click random seed, copy fusion and put after image, and see animation


    if you like it register as a gif...


    if you get problem with dont hésitate to write me for help







    43/Close visibility of this layer and go to the one in center


    44/Effet Xenoflex/Constellation :



    45/Close visibility of this layer and go to the one on top

    46/Effet Xenoflex/Constellation :




    47/Deselect all

    Save your work in psp format animation Shop

    Open your  tag in  Animation shop/speed on  25

    I hope you enjoy this tutorial and thank you for having doing it


    Rose des sables

    My version


    tube femme de Mara Pontes that I thank

    Landscape tube found on net