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    V I C T O R I A

    B Y

    J O A N N E





    Click on flower to download

    A big thank to Grisi for woman tube

    to Azalée Créations for landscape tube

    to nikita for greens tube

    and Babe Designs for the mask




    you 'll need emboss 3 for this tutorial


    Help yourself with this arrow to follow tutorial




     1/ place your selections in your files


    2/ in colors put in foreground D0B9B2

    And in background 846666


    3/  make a linear gradient



    4/ open a new layer 800 x 600 and fill it with gradient


    5/ Duplicate layer, close visibilty of copie and go to the first one


    6/ Effects, Art media effect, brushstroke



    7/ close this layer, open the other one


    8/ Add new layer of Mask from picture



    9/ Merged group


    10/ personnal plugin emboss 3


    11/ charge selection from disk



    12/ supress or delete, deselect


    13/ Duplicate Layer, merge all visible layers


    14/ Drop shadow , effects 3D



    15/ Drop shadow again in négatives values ,

    vertical and horizontal



    16/ go to layer at the bottom and open it


    17/ copy and paste layer of landscape


    18/ go to layer on top


    19/ Effects, Image Effects, offset



    20/ duplicate layer and merged down


    21/ go to layer on the top


    22/ copy and paste tube of green branches


    23/ Effects, image effects, offset



    24/ Drop shadow again same as in points 14 and 15


    25/ copy and paste lady or other tube, resize to 70 %


    26/ put it as model tag


    27/ Repeat drop shadow same as point 14/15 , stay on this layer


    28/ Image, size of support



    29/ Add a new layer, put the gradient you made before


    30/ select, select all, modify, contract 34 pixels


    31/ supress or delete, inverse selection


    32/ Effects 3D , Inner Bevel



    33/ Drop shadow



    34/ Do this shadow again with negative -5


    35/ Duplicate layer, Deselect


    36/ copy and paste my watermark , which is in material


    37/ sign your version


    38/ Merged all


    39/ register as jpg


    I thank you for having done my Tutorial


    I hope you enjoy it