de Maria José Prado


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    click on flower to dowload

    1 tube principal (Grisi)
    1 misted (Landscape or else)
    1tube decoratif (DBK)

    I thank them


       colors used for this tutorial
    Foreground #fff1f2 - Background #b19997



    Graphic Plus
    Eye Candy 5, Impact
    MurA's Meister
    L en K's



    Help you with this arrow for this tutorial



    1.- Choose 2 colors of your tube

     Foreground  clear color,  Background color


    2.- Open a transparent layer de 900x600px

    Plugin Mehdi, Wavy Lab 1.1



    Plugin Mehdi Edges FX

    Effects , border effects enhance more


    3.- Plugin Graphic Plus, Pin Wheel 5, 0, 7

    4.- Sélection,

    charge  sélection depuis le disque " sel_mariajose_mj "

     Promote Sélection to layer

    Drop shadow 0, 0, 60, 30 black color


    duplicate layer, Image resize 90%

    (all layers not checked)

      Duplicate again layer,

    Image resize at 90% (all layers not checked)

       Merged down 2 times deux fois


    5.- Selection, charge Selection from disk

    " sel_1_mariajose_mj"


      Filter Eye Candy 5, Impact,

    put preset mariajose_hanny_glass

      Repeat drop shadow, all deselect


    6.- Effects,  images effects,seamless tiling

     angle,  H 65, Transition 0




    Repeat avec H (-65), transition 0

       image resize at 70%, all layers not checked


    7.- Plugin Simple, Left Right Wrap

    8.- Layer, add a new layer, fill it with white color


    9.- Layer, new layer of mask ,take in matérial, mask_marijo

    Effects Border,enhance, merge group

      Texture Effects, Canvas , dark color

      Mode of layer put on screen or else, up to you

    dépends to your choosen colors


    10.- Activate  le Raster 1

    Sélection, charge  Sélection from disk, sel_2_mariajose_mj

      Promote selection to layer

      Adjust blur, radial blur

    Sélection, Modify, Sélect inside borders of selection

    intérieur, anti alias border at 3

    Effects,  border effects, enhance, Désélect all


    11.- Again Charge  sélection from disk sel_2_mariajose_mj

    Sélection, Modify, Contract of 5px

      Copy and paste as new layer your misted, landscape or else

     Inverse selection, suppress or delete,

     Inverse again

      Drop shadow 0, 0, 60, 30, black color

      Deselect all, merge down with the one under


    12.- Copy and paste extrude_1_mj,

    Image Effects, offset

      Put this layer on top of the pile


    13.- Activate  Raster 1

    Selection, charge Selection from disk sel_3_mariajose_mj

    Promote selection to layer

    Plugin Mehdi, Sorting Tiles

    Plugin MurA's Meister, Perspective Tiling, défault values

      Deselect all, drop shadow, same values that above


    14.- Activate  Raster 1, Plugin L en K's Zitah

    You should see layers like this at this time


    15.- Image, add a border 1px, dark color

       Change your background layer as raster, Duplicate

    Image, Resize at 85%, all layers not checked


    16.- Selection, Select all,  Floating selection, then static Selection

      Merged all visible layers,  inverse selection


    17.- adjust,  Radial Blur like above

    Repeat filter L en K's Zitah, same values like above

    Inverse selection,  Repeat drop shadow

    désélectionner all


    18.- Image, add a border of  1px, dark color

    Image, add a border of 50px, white color


    19.- Sélect this border with magic wand

    Inverse selection, Repeat drop shadow

      Inverse selection, Repeat radial blur

      Promote selection to layer, Inverse selection

     Repeat drop shadow

    déselect all

    Plugin MurA's Meister, Perspective Tiling


    20.- Image effects, seamless tiling

    Angle, Horizontal -65, transition 100


    21.- Plugin Graphic Plus, Horizontal Mirror


    22.- Layer Duplicate, flip vertical

    merge down with under layer

    Drop shadow 0, 0, 60, 30, black colour

    border effects, enhance


    23.- Activate again  raster 1, Selection, Select all

    Selection, Modify,  contract to 50, Repeat drop shadow


    24.- Désélect all, merge all layers


    25.- Copy ans paste your principal tube, woman or else

    Drop shadow as you like on tube


    26.- Image, Add a border of 1px, dark color


    27.- Image, Resize your tag at 900px width,

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    J’espère que ce tutoriel vous aura plu

    Maria José




    Ma version

    Tube paysage Corinne Vicaire

    Tube femme perso

    merci aux tubeurs