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    This tutorial is property of Claurette graphisme

    This translation is property of Evanescence














    Colors of this tutorial






    Open a new layer of  900/600 px

    foreground dark color  : #2c3d1d

    background light color  : #9cc17b





    fill raster 1 with dark color  : #2c3d1d

    Ttexture effect , texture in material







    layer new layer raster  2

    fill with white color




    Open  félicité mask

    layer of mask from image




    adjust, sharpness, sharpen more

    merge group 

    Effect 3D/ drop shadow 0/0/75/28 black

    duplicate layer 

    Effect 3D/drop shadow 0/0/75/28 : #2c3d1d

    merge down




    close this layer 

    (go  on raster 1 )

    filter  Redfied …/Ripples Magiv ….

    don 't mark anything, just take bow preset




    sélection tool  K  


     pull layer on each side so we don't see white color anymore



    you shoud have this 




    Open visibility of upper layer 

    Open selection tool S



    stay on this layer

    transform selection into layer




    put colors as shown in palette 

    light as foreground : #9cc17b

    dark color as background  : #2c3d1d


    take color pot tool and put opacity at  50%


    fill selection with light color ... #9cc17b ... 

    put opacity back at  100 %



    Open  félicité landscape tube

    copy paste as new layer 

    Sélection inverse


    delete on  keyboard 


    selection none




     go on top of pile layer 

    personnal filter  Emboss3


     go on layer , transform selection

    filter  / Italian Editor Effect …/ Effetto Fantasma 30/30



    Effect 3D / drop shadow  ...2/2/75/4 :  white  #ffffff 

     put mode of raster on hard light





    go  on first layer , bottom of pile , close visibility

    merge visible layers

    then open visibility  

    you should have this 





    Open  déco 1 C.L

    Copy and paste as new layer

    don't move it




    Open  tube déco 2 C.Laurette

    Copy and paste as new layer

    Image effect offset  -384/ -8



    drop shadow  -4/4/75/8 black

    Duplicate layer

     image mirror

    merge down



    Open  tube coin C.L …

    Copy and paste as new layer 

    adjust tint and  saturation in your colors


     Image Effect d'image , offset  - 175 / 236


    filter  …simple …top let mirror 

    Effect 3D/ drop shadow  2/2/75/4 black




    Image add borders

    2 pixels white color  #ffffff

    4 Pixels  dark color  #2c3d1d

    2 pixels white color 


    select all

    image add borders


    45 Pixels white color 


    inverse selection 




    prepare a linear gradient  0/1 inverse marked

    foreground : #9cc17b

    background  : #2c3

    fill selection with gradient 



    adjust, add noise


    inverse selection

    Effect 3D/ drop shadow 0/0/75/28 black




    Sélection.../  inverse again 

    filter  … AAA FRAMES …/ Foto frame …







    Open your principal tube

    if it s a bought tube, put licence, thanks

    Réglage netteté/ netteté  

    Placer sur la droite ... faite une ombre portée

    Effet 3D/ ombre portée 0/0/75/28 noir


    Etape 18

    Ouvrir le tube texte 

    Copy and paste as new layer 

    Image effect , offset    - 247/ 0


    select all

    Sélection floating

    Sélection static

    fill selection with gradient 



    Effect 3D / drop shadow  2/2/50/4 black



     flatten all layers 




    layer new layer 


    image add  2 pixels  of white color 

    resize at 900 pixels

    adjust, sharpness, sharpen



    Tube de Mina


    Tube fleur de Noé